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Sonic Frontiers: How To Get The Monster Hunter Outfits

"Sonic Frontiers" is unlike any of the other games in the franchise that have come before. It finally allows Sonic the Hedgehog to stretch his legs and explore a new "open-zone" environment. This new direction has many critics mixed as some feel that the more open world was a bit too ambitious for the "Sonic" franchise. That said, many others have been vocally appreciative of the new direction Team Sonic is taking the franchise, noting that the game can be gratifying when players are given the freedom to explore and collect the various items that are scattered about the Starfall Islands.

While much of the progression in "Frontiers" is locked behind several collectibles, there's nothing found in the game that can change Sonic's appearance. That said, there are some cosmetic sets that players can get via DLC, including two armor sets inspired by Capcom's "Monster Hunter" franchise released as part of a collaboration between the two franchises. This includes the full-sized Rathalos Armor set and the shorter Felyne Rathalos Armor set. This pairing is oddly fitting for the new "Sonic" game as our speedy hero must now face several gigantic new bosses, and a bit of extra protection might be nice to have (though players shouldn't expect it to offer any actual bonuses.) Here's how players can get these suits in "Sonic Frontiers."

Download the pack from the game store

The "Sonic Frontiers: Monster Hunter Collaboration Pack" is a free DLC pack that was released on November 14, and players can currently download it through each player's respective platform's game store. "Sonic Frontiers" is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. So depending on which platform the player owns the game on, they must go to either Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, or the Nintendo Store and download the add-on. It includes the Rathalos Armor set, the Felyne Rathalos Armor set, and Hunter's BBQ set, allowing players to rest between battles at any fishing spot to roast some meat over an open campfire.

Once the DLC has been downloaded, players should restart the game if it is already running. They can then go into the 'Extras' section of the menu, and there will be an option labeled 'Sonic's Outfits.' Here, they can change the option from his default outfit that he is already wearing to any of the new "Monster Hunter" outfits that should now have been added to the game.