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Early Reactions To Goat Simulator 3 Are All Saying The Same Thing

"Goat Simulator" was one of the most bizarre games to come out of 2014. In "Goat Simulator," as the name suggests, players take control of a goat thrust into an open-world sandbox. But "Goat Simulator" didn't feature standard gameplay mechanics such as a leveling system and a narrative. Instead, the fun of "Goat Simulator" comes from messing around in the game's world and creating slapstick humor via the crazy ragdoll physics of the title. And the unique gameplay of "Goat Simulator" proved to be a hit, with top content creators such as Pewdiepie even jumping into the game.

Eight years later, gamers are finally getting a sequel to "Goat Simulator," jokingly titled "Goat Simulator 3." Although it has a three in it, "Goat Simulator 3" is "Goat Simulator 2" in all but its name, as the developers skipped two as a joke. And just like the first game, "Goat Simulator 3" puts sandbox exploration, gags, and hilarious ragdoll effects at the core of its gameplay. 

But there are also new features introduced in this sequel. "Goat Simulator 3" brings new ways to enjoy the life of a daredevil goat via multiplayer and co-op. In addition, the game uses a new quest system and improved graphics. But some may wonder if this sequel can achieve the same level of charm and produce as many laughs as the first game. Here's what critics are saying about "Goat Simulator 3."

Goat Simulator 3 may be stupid, but it's fun

NME's Andy Brown awarded "Goat Simulator 3" with a 4/5, writing that even if the game's ragdoll physics isn't enough to interest players, there is still a ton of fun things to do in "Goat Simulator 3." Brown wrote that experimenting with items such as a firework launcher was a blast and never got old. Additionally, Brown said the minigames were fun and very replayable. However, Brown felt that the game isn't as fun solo and is best experienced with friends.

Kelsey Raynor at vg247 also gave "Goat Simulator 3" a 4/5, writing that the game "does everything I wish the original 'Goat Simulator' did and more." Specifically, Raynor wrote that the quest system was a real standout for them. They explained having fun interacting with the NPCs and embarking on wacky quests such as climbing up the ranks of the Illuminati. Raynor also noted some improvements from the first game, such as fast travel points and new customization options.

Thegamer's Meg Pelliccio awarded "Goat Simulator 3" with a 4/5, stating that the game is "abolutely hilarious" Pelliccio praised the jokes and easter eggs found throughout the game that are often only found in small details. Pelliccio was also impressed by the upgraded graphics and sizable map of "Goat Simulator 3." But Pellicio did report encountering some bugs during their playthrough.