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Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0: The New Backpack System Explained

"Warzone 2.0" has officially launched with lots of exciting new upgrades and additions for fans. The Gulag has been dramatically changed thanks to the addition of a Jailer. The "DMZ" mode has introduced a new way to play that could lead to more cinematic experiences. Strongholds and Black Sites present players with a new challenge to overcome while hunting opponents. Further, in addition to these more flashy changes, Activision has also chosen to overhaul the looting system with this new version of "Warzone."


In a recent "Call of Duty" blog post, the major changes coming to "Warzone" were unveiled for players to review ahead of the game's launch. Among these details was the introduction of a new Backpack system that changes the way items drop and the way operators can loot enemies after kills. While this change isn't necessarily as exciting as some other changes, it could significantly change how the game is played.

Select which items to loot by searching enemy backpacks

Previously in "Warzone," when a player was killed, they dropped all of their equipment. Other players could walk up to individual items to pick them up. Now, however, a killed player will drop their primary weapon and a backpack that contains everything else they had on them. Another player will be able to pick up the primary weapon as before, but they'll need to interact with the backpack to pick up anything else.


When interacting with a backpack, an inventory menu will pop up, and a player will be able to select which items they want to take. This system will be applied to both battle royale as well as the new "DMZ" mode; though, in a battle royale, there will also be standard Supply Boxes that simply drop items to be picked up as they always have.

This should shake up combat as players will need to get used to the new system and learn how to navigate this inventory menu as quickly as possible. With practice, however, this could speed up looting as players won't need to scan the ground for individual items. Instead, they'll need only select a backpack and grab the items they want.