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Postal Dev Celebrates The Death Of Postal 3

Running With Scissors' "Postal" is an action shooter series that takes all the satire and over-the-top action of "Grand Theft Auto" and turns it up to 11. As a result, the series has been at the center of multiple controversies since its inception, with "Postal 2" even getting banned in some countries. That still hasn't stopped its developer from making more sequels, with the most recent entry being this year's "Postal 4: No Regerts." While these games are certainly not for everyone, even hardcore fans would agree that not every entry has been a winner. One "Postal" game is often cited as considerably worse than the rest: "Postal 3."

One look at the game's Metacritic page shows just how much gamers despise "Postal 3." Many found issue with the game's DRM, tasteless humor, and the laundry list of bugs in "Postal 3." Still, it may surprise many that "Postal" developer Running With Scissors rejoiced when "Postal 3" was recently removed from Steam, even though it was critically panned.

On November 20, Running With Scissors tweeted that "Postal 3" would no longer be available for purchase on Steam. The series creator half-jokingly wrote that "Postal 3" was removed due to "DRM issues and overall s***iness of the game itself." In addition, the dev explained that it could not re-list the game (even if the team wanted to) because Running With Scissors didn't have access to the Steam page. The uninitiated may be left wondering: Why does Running With Scissors have such a beef with "Postal 3?"

Postal 3 is a painful sequel

Long-time "Postal" fans might know that Running With Scissors was not responsible for "Postal 3." Instead, the series' creators outsourced the game to the Russian-based developer Akella. Some have speculated that the reason "Postal 3" was so bad was due to economic hardships during development, which resulted in the company being forced to release the game in an unfinished state. The resulting sequel was one of the worst rated games of the last decade. After its release, in an interview with Retro Gamer, Running With Scissors stated that "Postal 3" was "a product that should have never been published." The game was also delisted for purchase on the Running With Scissors website, with its former hyperlink "RickRolling" anyone that clicks it. 

Now it seems that "Postal 3" is finally been swept under the rug, as Steam was one of the last places to purchase the title. As part of its celebration, Running With Scissors wrote, "At least people will no longer buy that trash!" However, for anyone who wants to experience just how bad "Postal 3" is for themselves, Running With Scissors reminded users on Twitter that they could always pirate the game.