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Black Friday 2022: The Best Nintendo Switch Deals

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Black Friday is nearly upon us. The jingles are in the air and the ads are playing on every platform, signaling the season when electronics are marked down to the lowest prices that consumers can generally find them all year round. Not only is it an opportunity for savvy shoppers to throw elbows for a big screen T.V., but it's also one of the few times when gamers can expect to find Nintendo Switch products on sale. Nintendo has a bit of a reputation for never dropping its prices. This is presumably due to the exclusivity of its games to Nintendo consoles, and the fact that the company's business model seems to rely more heavily on the sale of first-party games than other console manufacturers.


Black Friday appears to be something of an exception to this, however. It's one of the few times when gamers will find sales that make pricey Switch-related purchases a little easier to swallow. Some of these revolve around special console bundles, while others involve discounts on games, accessories, or memberships. It's entirely possible that new deals will be advertised as Friday draws closer, but here are the best ones that have been announced for Black Friday 2022 so far.

Third party game deals

The thing most gamers are looking forward to on Black Friday is game sales, but the newest and hottest Nintendo titles can still be a little on the expensive side even when they're on sale. Luckily, there are always a handful of great third-party games that can be had at a fraction of the price. Here's a quick rundown of some of the titles Nintendo didn't make that are on offer (ranked by cost) and where to find them. Deals are for physical editions unless otherwise marked.


Nintendo game deals

First-party Nintendo games are almost always full price, so this is a great time to load up on all the titles that players have been looking forward to playing, but didn't want to pay full price. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from this year, with many sales chopping 30% or more off the sales price. Here are some of the games by Nintendo, for Nintendo, and where to find them. As in the section above, these deals are for physical editions unless they are marked as digital.


Accessory deals

There are some Switch accessories gamers should never buy, but one of the best things a gamer can add is a good microSD card. This allows them to significantly expand the storage of their console so that it can house more games. To this end, Amazon is currently selling SanDisk's 128GB microSD card for $15.48 and its 512GB microSD card for 60% off at just $39.99.


The next most important thing is probably controllers. The JoyCons are great for motion control, but they aren't the best solution for every game on the Switch. The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is going for $41.99, and the regular Enhanced Wired version is on sale for just $17.99 at Best Buy while the GameCube Style wired controller is $24.88 at Walmart.

Best Buy is also selling heavy-duty RDS Industry travel cases for the Switch. Gamers can get the smaller Game Traveler Deluxe case for $14.99, or they can get the larger 12" Hard Case for $29.99. The smaller case will hold the Switch and a few game cartridges while the larger one is designed to transport the console, dock, extra JoyCons, Switch Pro controller, and some games too.


Then there are a few more goodies out there. For those who have the OLED Switch, Amazon is selling Hori, officially licensed screen protectors for $7.50. Best Buy has a Rocketfish brand TV dock for $24.99, a USB-C Mobile Power Kit for $9.99, and a two-pack of racing wheels for just $4.99.

Console deals

Games and accessories are all well and good, but many people may still not have a Switch to play them on. Well, those gamers are in luck! While it doesn't appear that there is going to be a sale discounting the Nintendo Switch from any major retailers, there is going to be a special deal where gamers can buy the console at its normal price ($299.99) while also getting one of it's most popular games thrown into the bundle: "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." This deal also includes a three-month membership to Switch online. When combined with the free game, this adds up to a total of roughly $70 in savings. This bundle can be found at Amazon, Best Buy, Game Stop, Target, Walmart, or purchased directly from the Nintendo online store.


Also, Amazon is currently selling a Switch Special Edition bundle that comes with "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for $298.99. Consumers can also buy this same bundle at Dell for $299.99 and get a bonus $35 Dell Promo eGift Card. This is a good alternative for those that would rather build up an island than race across the Rainbow Road.

Both of these bundles are also exclusively for the standard Switch. It doesn't currently appear that there will be any deals from major U.S. retailers for the handheld-only Switch Lite or for the upgraded Switch OLED.

Discounted gift cards

Those who fully intend on spending a good chunk of money in the Nintendo eShop might consider getting a $20 gift card from Amazon as they are currently on sale for $18.50. That 8% discount might not seem like much, since it only adds up to a measly $1.50 per card, but it's definitely worthwhile for those who are already planning on taking advantage of any of the sales that Nintendo is offering since it's essentially a free bonus discount. For instance, Gamers who were planning to spend $200 on games in the eStore on Black Friday could save themselves an additional $15.00 simply by purchasing 10 gift cards. Of course, then it's just a matter of individual preference as to whether the savings are worth the effort to type in that many digital codes.


Still, it's a noteworthy option for those who want to work the system and make the most of the Black Friday discounts. It's also not a bad idea for those who have a prescient eye on the holiday season and are seeking to get a gift for their fellow Nintendo lovers, or for anyone who simply knows that they'll be spending money in the eShop down the line.