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There Is Only One Woman In Twitch's Top 100 Streamers Now

The list of top streamers has changed over the years, and although there are a multitude of ways to measure who is the most popular, Stream Elements, a company dedicated to helping streamers secure sponsorships, discussed the top 100 streamers in a State of the Stream post on Medium. It used information from Rainmaker.gg, another company meant to unite advertisers and streamers, to compile the data. The most unfortunate discovery? There's now only one woman in the top 100 Twitch streamers.

Stream Elements explained that it considers a variety of different elements – like subscriptions, hours watched, and followers – to determine who is actually in the top 100 streamers. After considering all of those categories, the company determined that there is only one woman in the top 100: Amouranth. It's not a surprise that Amouranth is popular. Though some viewers might not like her sexually suggestive streams, there's more to Amouranth's story than many realize. After freeing herself from an allegedly abusive marriage, the streamer seems to be continuing her career, streaming to her fans and posting on social media. There's no denying that Amouranth works hard and deserves to be in the top 100 streamers, but why – out of 100 broadcasters – is she the only woman?

Other women have left the platform

One contributing factor is Pokimane's decision to take a break from live streaming. Earlier in 2022, Pokimane shared an emotional update with fans, explaining that she'd be changing the type of content she produces in the future. After taking a break from streaming, Pokimane determined that she wanted to try experimenting with non-live content, telling her viewers that the harsh schedule of streaming was taking a toll on her mentally and physically. Since focusing more time on her YouTube channel, Pokimane hasn't had enough streams to earn her the hours required to place her in the top 100.

Other famous women streamers, like Valkyrae, opt to stream on YouTube. Additionally, Valkyrae explained that she'd be stepping away from streaming for a long while to work on other projects that require extensive travel.

This isn't to take away from Amouranth's achievement, though. While she's definitely earned a top spot, even Stream Elements expressed some disappointment that there was only one woman in the top 100 streamers. Stream Elements lamented that women in streaming weren't seeing much growth, writing, "Only Amouranth at #53 was able to crack the top 100. The following 8 women were all in the top 200 with the last creator coming in at #207." Hopefully, more women will break into the top 100 soon.