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Black Friday 2022: The Best Xbox Series S And X Deals

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The future of Xbox is looking bright. With a long list of Xbox exclusives on the horizon, gamers may want to pick up an Xbox One or Series X|S console if they don't have one already. One of the most anticipated games of next year, Bethesda's "Starfield," won't be coming to PlayStation at all. And for many fans, that's all they need to hear to convince them to join team Xbox. Add onto that the fact that Xbox gamers with Game Pass have access to a massive catalog of games for one monthly price — with critically acclaimed games such as "Pentiment" landing on Game Pass at launch — and you have a system that folks are going to be looking to snag for the holidays.


So, with Black Friday quickly approaching, gamers might be left wondering what the best deals are for Xbox consoles, games, accessories, and memberships. Below is everything an Xbox gamer needs to get the most out of this holiday sale.

Xbox Series S is the way to go on Black Friday

The Xbox Series S is getting a hefty price cut for the holiday season. Gamers can pick up a brand-new 512GB digital edition Xbox Series S as part of the Xbox Series S Holiday Console bundle for $240 on Amazon and $250 everywhere else. That ends up being a whopping 20% discount on the hottest console of the season. The Holiday Bundle includes the console and one controller, as well as everything else needed to run the system. Interested gamers may want to grab one fast before they sell out, considering it is one of the biggest gaming discounts of this holiday season so far.


Additionally, gamers interested in couch co-op may want to pick up the Xbox Series S 512GB SSD Console bundle from Walmart that's on sale for $70 off and comes with an extra Robot White wireless controller. Gamers also have the choice of a Carbon Black bundle that comes with a secondary black controller. Unfortunately, although the Xbox Series S is seeing big price reductions, the Series X's price tag isn't budging.

Best-selling games are getting markdowns

Sports games across the board are being discounted, with multiple titles slashed by over 50%. These discounted games include "FIFA 23," "PGA TOUR 2K23," "NBA 2K23," "F1 22," and "Madden NFL 23." And for those kids that need gifts, or just any fans of Legos really, the "Star Wars Skywalker Saga" for Xbox One is 43% off on Amazon, and "The LEGO Movie Game" is selling for $20.


Fans of first-person shooters also have a lot to save on the Xbox store, with games such as "Black Ops Cold War" and "Deathloop" being 67% off. And bundles for live service first-person shooter games are also getting a slash in price, with "Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack" getting a 40% discount, while "Destiny 2: The Witch Queen" is discounted by 50%. Open-world games have also had their price tags slashed considerably. Gamers can pick up massive Xbox One titles such as "Red Dead Redemption 2," "Witcher 3," and "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" at considerable discounts. Considering the fact that you can get upwards of 120 hours out of "Assassin's Creed Valhalla," getting the game for $29.99 is basically a steal.



Both wired and wireless controllers have been discounted for Black Friday. Gamers can pick up an Xbox Core Wireless Controller in various colors at 35% off, retailing at $39 on Amazon and the Xbox Store. And for those serious gamers out there, the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller is being discounted by 33% on Amazon. The Razer Wolverine V2 is perfect for gamers that play MMOs or strategy games that benefit from having additional buttons that are remappable. For a budget option the third party PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S is available for $27 on Amazon.


Xbox audio peripherals are also on sale this Black Friday. Gamers can pick up the official Xbox Stereo Headset from the official Xbox website for 21% off. And for those audiophiles out there, the Band & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Headphones built for Xbox are 40% off, saving gamers $200.

Memberships and More

Gamers can get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership code to access thousands of games for 11% off on Amazon, slashing the price by $5. To the disappointment of some, there aren't any deals on Xbox Live memberships. However, there are some deals on some physical Xbox items that Xbox superfans will undoubtedly be interested in.


The Xbox Gear Shop is having one of its biggest sales of the year, during which gamers can get a wide range of apparel, action figures, and other nifty items at a discounted rate. This includes Xbox apparel and game-specific items. For example, select "Psychonauts 2" and "Halo" apparel is 25% off. Additionally, the popular "Halo Infinite" The Pilot and Master Chief Action Figure 2-Pack is on sale for 20% off for collectors, and it includes an in-game gun charm for use in "Halo Infinite." Nostalgic gamers can also pick up the Xbox 360 Console Pin for $7.49 to be reminded of the days of old.