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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: How To Find The False Dragon Titan

With "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" in the hands of over 10 million players, there are plenty of trainers running around the Paldea region to catch new Pokémon, do some shiny hunting, or collect all 18 of the games' main questline badges. One such badge comes from defeating an enormous Titan Pokémon known as the False Dragon Titan. While the open-world of the latest "Pokémon" titles encourages players to take off in whatever direction they please, they likely won't find the False Dragon Titan through aimless wandering.

The False Dragon Titan is impossible to get to without first unlocking the ability to surf across bodies of water. However, once players have upgraded either their Koraidon or Miraidon with the Bitter Herba Mystica, entering the False Dragon Titan's lair is perfectly doable. If one's team of Pokémon isn't appropriately leveled, though, the fight itself could prove to be a much bigger challenge. So, where can players encounter the False Dragon Titan?

The False Dragon Titan lies in Casseroya Lake

As those who have already dipped into the Paldea region of "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" have likely realized, it's an enormous place to explore. Luckily, the exact location of the False Dragon Titan (and all other Titans in fact) is marked on the map shortly after beginning the questline known as "Path of Legends." This quest is unmissable and assigned by speaking with the picnic-loving Arven during one's opening time at either Naranja or Uva Academy. 

Once players are free to explore, they can open their map app and zoom in on the enormous Casseroya Lake in the Northwestern portion of Paldea. The False Dragon Titan makes its home near the eastern-most island within this lake. Simple enough to find, to be sure, but getting to the island will take work. As mentioned above, no trainer can even set foot on the island without surfing unlocked, but another roadblock is the fact that this is a higher leveled area. Pokémon regularly appear above level 50 around here, so a beginning trainer ought to plan carefully before venturing toward the False Dragon Titan. 

Having a more powerful team of Pokémon is also recommended for the fight with the False Dragon Titan itself. The encounter begins with an enormously tanky Dondozo, but so long as players bring an adequately-leveled Electric or Grass-type Pokémon, this Water-type toughie shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Once its health is low enough, the Dondozo will retreat and players will have to follow it and fight the False Dragon Titan. This Water/Dragon-type doesn't have too many weaknesses, but a Fairy-type would be an excellent choice.