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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: The Best Shiny Hunting Method

Based on early previews, "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" deliver various innovations and change up the standard series formula. Back in October, "Pokémon" fans revealed the greatest excitement for exploring the new open-world Niantic has introduced to the franchise. This format offers players loads of possibilities during their journeys from trainers to Pokémon masters, though some individuals may already have a specific strategy in mind.

While players can choose to do a bit of everything that "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" offer, from catching and battling to experiencing the story, they can also devote themselves to certain accomplishments. Some may wish to collect all of the Legendaries, catch every new Pokémon, or build the perfect team. Still others may zero in on getting as many Shiny Pokémon as possible.

A rare variety, Shiny Pokémon appear at random and sport a distinct color scheme from other Pokémon of the same type, making them a collector's dream. Trainers can easily sink dozens of hours into hunting them down. Fortunately, thanks to leaks, fans already have access to the best methods for locating these elusive and sparkly pocket monsters.

Catch shiny Pokémon with the help of Herba Mystica sandwiches

Some players who had early access to "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" have leaked information online, including methods for catching Shiny Pokémon. Though Twitter has since suspended the account and deleted the tweet that first shared these details, Game Rant managed to preserve the key takeaway. It seems sandwiches offer the best method for catching Shiny Pokémon.

Based on the leaks, players can cause mass outbreaks (instances in which large numbers of Pokémon appear at once) by eating level three sandwiches. These breakouts dramatically increase the number of Pokémon in an area and thus the chances that some will be shiny. Players can only make level three sandwiches by using three pieces of the right kind of Herba Mystica, which they can only obtain at random by completing five-star (and likely above) Terra Raid battles.

Players will need to grind to obtain enough Herba Mystica, making for a long and difficult process. However, based on early estimates, going through the process to make the level three sandwiches could allow players to nab as many as four shiny Pokémon every hour. As noted by Game Rant, players can also use a Shiny Charm to give them better chances. For those who really care about collecting Shinies, this strategy may prove worth the effort.