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Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In The New Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Mario has come a long way from his Jumpman days, with more than 200 appearances in fantastic (and some best forgotten) games over the decades since his first appearance in the arcades with "Donkey Kong." Now, he has a new movie on the horizon: "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." There was plenty to see (and small details easy to overlook) in the first trailer, but the second sneak peek via Nov. 29's Nintendo Direct presentation has fans clamoring for more.


The movie has been in the works longer than most fans may have realized, so it makes sense that the production team would squeeze in as many Easter eggs as possible. In the first teaser, fans learned a few things about this version of everyone's favorite Italian plumber: Mario is new to the Mushroom kingdom, there may have been a glimpse of Joe Koopa, and Luigi is still, well, Luigi.

But the launch of the newest trailer has fans even more excited, and with good reason. Anyone who loves the franchise is going to want to see throwbacks to their favorite gaming moments, and this trailer does not disappoint. Here are the best Easter eggs from the official "Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer.

A throwback to the original arcade game

The official trailer pays homage to the very first sighting of Mario (then known as Jumpman) from the first "Donkey Kong" game, which was released in arcades way back in 1981. The game follows Jumpman on a mission to rescue his girlfriend, Pauline (not Peach), before the timer runs out.


In the trailer, we see Mario brace himself as he steps out onto a long red bridge, surrounded by spectators of every shape and size in a sunny stadium. The camera zooms out, revealing Donkey Kong with Princess Peach and Toad, and the rivals two face off, running at each other — only for Mario to be walloped.

However, a closer look reveals plenty of similarities between this scene and the original game. The red bridge, complete with Mario's love interest sitting there, are two obvious give aways. Barrels hang all around, both from the girders and in the sky, another throwback to the gameplay of Jumpman evading similar barrels as they rolled towards him. In fact, all around Mario are different floating "levels" where he could theoretically jump to avoid Kong's fury.


Rainbow Road

The "Mario Kart" games make up arguably the most popular "Mario" sub-series. In fact, the Switch version of "Mario Kart 8: Deluxe" is till one of the console's best sellers. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to give the beloved racing series a shoutout in the movie!


Historically, Rainbow Road is typically the very last (and longest) level in the "Kart" games, usually hanging in space above the Earth. It looks a little different in each game, its design ranging from a solid rainbow to a more standard-looking course, complete with metallic rainbow panels. Now, the rainbow road isn't limited to the "Mario Kart" games. Fans can find it in games like "Super Smash Bros." for Nintendo 3DS, "Super Mario Galaxy 2," and even "Mario Hoops 3-on-3," but it's probably best known for it's "Kart" appearances.

At one point, the trailer cuts to Mario gripping the wheel of a racing cart, screaming as he accelerates, launching his car into the air. He quickly lands on the Rainbow Road itself, followed by a horde of other drivers (most of them Kongs, it would seem). Here, the audience gets to see Mario do his classic arm pump, coupled with a divisive shout of "Wahoo!"


Yoshi's Island?

To say that fans are excited to see Yoshi in the movie would be an understatement. The green dinosaur is a friend of Mario and Luigi, but he also has his own string of games in which he's the star. Yoshi was originally envisioned as Mario's steed, but the technology of the day was too limited to give Mario the horse the developers originally had in mind (via Nintendo). The tiny dino was ultimately easier to animate and could still get the "Super Mario World" cast from place to place. Since then, Yoshi has been established as hailing from Dinosaur Land, which is also home to many multi-colored Yoshis.


And for a brief moment, the new trailer cuts to an idyllic scene of a tropical paradise, lush and green, peppered with exotic flowers of all colors — and a whole herd of Yoshis, all running by a stream. The location (and large number of tiny smiling dinos) seems to hint that fans may get to visit Yoshi's Island when they see the movie.

Kongs cameos galore

The trailer opens up with a stadium full of Kongs, so it's little surprise that fans may see a few familiar faces throughout the trailer. The glimpses are fast, but the audience can just make out some of the bigger names: In the first scene of the trailer alone, Swanky, Diddy, Cranky, and Dixie make appearances. In the games, Swanky is a game show host known for his over-the-top style, Cranky is the Kong family's long-bearded patriarch, Diddy is Donkey's best buddy, and Dixie is Diddy's girlfriend and a hero in her own right. It makes sense, then, that they appear in the trailer standing next to each other, as spotted by one eagle-eyed fan on Twitter:


Meanwhile, Funky Kong is a mechanic among the Kongs, one who doesn't skimp on speed. And of course, the audience can just make out the sunglasses-wearing Kong among the racers on Rainbow Road, using a kart that appears to be tricked out with multiple rocket boosters. There's no telling how many more Kongs might be spotted when they movie finally arrives April 7, 2023.