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Amounranth Has Some Strong Words For Twitch's Ban Policy

It's commonly known that Twitch has a shady side, especially when it comes to bans. There have been plenty of Twitch bans that were completely bogus, and streamers have spoken about the problem time and time again. In an interview with FullSquadGamingTV, Amouranth called out Twitch and its ban policy for having a "disconnect" with Twitch culture.

Jake Lucky, The Squad, and Amouranth sat down and spoke about a variety of topics. The conversation eventually turned to Twitch bans when Lucky asked Amouranth about her thoughts on Twitch's ban policy and how it enforces its rules. Amouranth immediately said that she hated the policy and explained that there's an internal issue on Twitch's side.

The streamer explained that there's a Trust and Safety team at Twitch that reviews and bans streamers. Apparently, this team doesn't communicate with Partner Managers, which means that streamers and their Twitch managers only know generic reasons as to why they're banned or suspended. They don't get information on what in the stream particularly violated Twitch's terms of service. Additionally, Amouranth pointed out that this is for streamers who even have a Partner Manager, something that not every streamer has.

These comments from Amouranth come after Twitch has rolled out many changes for bans that seem to have done little for streamers.

Twitch's ongoing ban updates

Twitch has been making changes to its ban policy for years, trying to figure out how to best let people know when they've been banned and why. In 2021, new Twitch rules said that streamers would get notified about the content and date of anything that caused them to be banned. This was supposed to help clear up why streamers got banned, but it wasn't enough, as they kept working toward other solutions.

Earlier this year, people thought that Twitch bans would begin to make more sense, because the platform planned to send out video clips along with everything else it gave streamers to let them know why they were banned. This would give streamers the exact moment of their stream that violated Twitch's policies. However, this change was being worked on at the time, and it doesn't seem to have rolled out yet considering the comments from Amouranth.

This isn't the first time Amouranth has spoken about Twitch's sketchy ban practices – she pointed out the hypocrisy in bans last year, and she even reacted to a 2021 ban with a skit and video on YouTube. And unless Twitch rolls out some pretty big changes, this probably won't be the last time she speaks about it either.