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The Witcher Remake Has To Wait Until Work On Witcher 4 Has Begun

"Witcher" fans have a lot to look forward to between the third season of Netflix's "The Witcher," the remake of the original "The Witcher" game players have been wanting, and the best news fans could hope for — new entries in the series. That said, there's not much concrete information about when fans will experience this new "Witcher" media. As far as the games both go, CD Projekt RED has remained tight-lipped, but a recent earnings call offered a hint as to when players might be able to expect "The Witcher 4" and the remake of the original game.


During a QA segment for CD Projekt Group's Q3 2022 earnings, CD Projekt President and Joint CEO Adam Kiciński said, "And coming back to the remake and when it will come, yes, it will come after Polaris ['The Witcher 4'] which is a consequence of how we think about this project." He went on to say, "We think the remake will be based in big part on technologies from Polaris." 

While it sounds like fans may not have a chance at seeing a remake of "The Witcher" until after "The Witcher 4," Kiciński did explicitly note that he wasn't defining an order in which new games would be released, just that the titles will be using some of the same technologies and that work on "The Witcher" remake will likely start after work has already begun on "The Witcher 4."


The jury remains out on when exactly fans can get their hands on the remake of "The Witcher" or even the next installment planned for the series, but it sounds like the two won't be too far apart from one another.