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Asmongold Shredded Nintendo Over This Big Decision

Live streamer Asmongold has garnered a reputation for voicing his opinions about topics, even if his take is controversial. For example, Asmongold was one of the first content creators to criticize Blizzard for implementing mounts that sell for real-world money in his favorite game, "World of Warcraft."


His complaints don't go unheard either, as tens of thousands of people from his over 3 million followers on Twitch tune in to hear his takes. Recently, Asmongold chimed in on one of the biggest controversies in the gaming scene as of late. And in doing so, he takes a swing at the biggest gaming company of them all, Nintendo.

Specifically, the controversy arose when, without warning, Nintendo killed a huge "Super Smash Bros." tournament only two weeks before it was supposed to start. This shutdown was at the expense of the third-party companies responsible for the tournament, allegedly costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, Nintendo announced that the 2023 Smash World Tour circuit was also canceled, leaving many fans and would-be participants high and dry on any plans they had already made for the event. 


Asmongold had some strong words to say about the incident, and he didn't hold back. Here's how Asmongold feels about the recent drama between Nintendo and the Smash World Tour Championships.

Asmongold thinks Nintendo is wrong for cancelling Super Smash Bros. tournament

During Asmongold's Just Chatting section of his stream, where he reacts to YouTube videos and gives his take on them, he came across a Ludwig video that sums up the recent "Smash Bros" controversy. Midway through the video, Asmongold paused and gave his take on the situation. 


The streamer argued, "I think that if you make a game and you release it to the public, people should be able to make a tournament about it, and you shouldn't have a say in it." He went on to say, "If you want something to be out in the public and be in the public space and make money in it and everything like that, I think that you have to give up a little bit of agency."

Asmongold later brought up his thoughts on intellectual property, claiming that the way it is currently used creates more hurdles for innovation than it eliminates. He also falls into the camp of people who place the blame for this situation on Alan Bunney from Panda Global for their alleged actions of sabotaging the event. 


As many Nintendo fans have pointed out on social media, this isn't the first time Nintendo has done something like this, and onlookers are starting to grow accustomed to the game company's actions.