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Marvel's Midnight Suns: How To Solve The Unknown Grave Mystery

"Marvel's Midnight Suns," the latest Firaxis title, has more than a few mysteries to solve and side quests to complete. One of the spookier options is the Unknown Grave Mystery. While not as intricate or rewarding as the Standing Stones Mystery, the Unknown Grave offers a straightforward fetch quest that will earn players some fun cosmetic items and some backstory on the Hunter.


Unlike some other puzzles, players can access and complete the Unknown Grave mystery early in the game without the need to advance through the narrative. Simply find the large gravestone on the Abbey Grounds north of the Abbey itself, east of Blood Gate, and north of Dreamer's Descent (per Gamepur). After discovering it, players will have to track down three dolls from the Hunter's childhood and bring them to the grave. Fortunately, you can locate them in other parts of the Abbey Grounds without too much work.

Find the dolls to solve the puzzle

To pick up the first doll, "Marvel's Midnight Suns" players should simply head south from the grave to Dreamer's Descent. Following a rocky path will lead to some blue torches that mark the location of a doll portraying the Hunter (per SegmentNext). Next, players will need to find a doll of the mysterious Caretaker to the south of the grave but slightly east of Dreamer's Descent. Moving south and crossing a bridge will lead to another blue torch that marks the location of the doll. Finally, players must locate a doll of the terrifying Lilith at Stone Terrace to the east of the grave. Here, players will spot some stairs. Rather than using the stairs, they should turn right to find even more blue torches guiding the way to the last doll.


Anyone who struggles with their sense of direction or who gets turned around can refer to a visual walkthrough from WoW Quests on YouTube. Bringing the dolls back to the grave will complete the Unknown Grave Mystery, providing players with rewards along with a little exposition and character development. Not bad for a quick and easy quest.