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This Major Warzone 2.0 Glitch Had Hilarious Results

Every gamer encounters a few glitches now and then. Even the most polished games on the market probably have one or two funny little quirks in the code for players to discover, especially when they try to traverse outside the game areas that the developers intended. Sometimes they're just simple visual bugs like missing portions of the map or NPCs clipping through solid objects, but the more insidious errors can be downright game breaking. Then there are the kind of legendary bugs that fans remember for how bizarre and hilarious they are.


The brand new "Call of Duty Warzone 2.0" has only been out a few weeks, so it's not surprising that there might be a few kinks that still need to be ironed out. One player has encountered a glitch where a helicopter clipped straight through a solid wall to kill a character who should have been safely sheltered inside. This would certainly be an irregular event anyway, but what makes it even funnier is what they were talking about right before the glitch occurred.

Dramatic irony hurts

The clip featuring the bug was shared by DingDingDongDotJPG on Reddit. The video opens with the two players trying to find the safest area to bunker down and wait for the airstrike to pass. One mentions to the other that they haven't been killed through any walls yet. The other responds "yeah, I've seen people getting killed through walls, so I–" and before he has a chance to finish his sentence, a helicopter flies through the wall, crashes into him and then flies out of the building through the ceiling. His teammate who saw the thing occur simply responds by saying, "well, that's new."


Some users pointed out that they had seen similar bugs occur in the game. SourBlueDream said, "I saw an ai chopper doing that last night at that tower in the airport it's funny to see the other pov," and Mashedpotatoebrain claimed. "[I've] actually seen this exact thing happen in DMZ, but I was outside." But the majority of commenters on the thread were simply delighted by the timing. One user wrote "Amazing lmao. Peak comedic timing and great deadpan," while another commented, "You're Uber has arrived!" Getting killed because of glitches in the game might be incredibly frustrating to the player, but at least it seems they got a few laughs out of it this time.