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How To Stop Your Game From Crashing In Marvel's Midnight Suns

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" has everyone raving, but it's not without its flaws. The game, which came from the development team's work on "XCOM 2," was received relatively well. However, players are experiencing major crashes that prevent some gamers from saving and claiming new heroes.


Reddit u/gregck4959plays explained that every time they go to save the game manually, it crashes completely. While autosaves recovered their time spent, they weren't sure if that was reliable (and it only autosaved at the beginning of missions, not when they completed the mission). People on both Twitter and Reddit are also reaching out because of crashes related to acquiring heroes, which can have a pretty big impact considering some parts of the storyline can't be advanced without unlocking certain characters.

While there are some standard tricks to help with any game that's crashing often — like redownloading the game — fans have found some specific ways to counter the more problematic crashes to keep the game running.


Stopping crashes is easy if you know what to do

Considering "Marvel's Midnight Suns" is crashing in a variety of different ways, there are a few different solutions that depend on what's happening with each specific crash.

The first solution has to do with saving crashes. According to Reddit user u/NetQvist, the problem can be solved by saving in a new save slot every time the player saves the game – a pretty easy fix, but not one that very many people would try on their own. While autosaves work fine for a backup, they can be scary to rely on in case something happens to them and since they only save at specific times in the game. Considering the game takes roughly 50 hours to beat, saving the game frequently is important.


For games that are crashing whenever heroes are claimed, there's not a great fix just yet. Reddit user u/Echotime22 said that they got around the crash by spamming the X button, but it took them a few times before it worked without crashing the game. Another user said that this worked the first time for them, but it's a bit of a risky move if the game hasn't been saved right beforehand.