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Marvel's Midnight Suns: How To Beat Fallen Venom Boss Battle

The warmly received "Marvel's Midnight Suns" puts players in the tights of some of Marvel's heroes as they take on the darker side of the comic book universe. One of these villains that you will take on during the lengthy tactical RPG is Fallen Venom, the supernaturally-corrupted version of the symbiote which has attached itself to Eddie Brock.

Players will actually fight Fallen Venom twice in "Marvel's Midnight Suns." The first encounter occurs earlier in the game, when Fallen Venom is confronted by the trio of Doctor Strange, Blade, and the player-created Hunter. The fight goes well enough until Fallen Venom eventually gains enough momentum to overpower the trio. Luckily for them, Spider-Man arrives just in time to take care of the threat and distract Venom long enough for Strange, Blade, and Hunter to make an escape.

However, with the threat of Fallen Venom still out there, it is only a matter of time before you and the rest of your Marvel superhero companions are forced to take on this imminent threat once again. This time, you will be aided in the fight by Spider-Man, who has found a way to use the Venom symbiote to level the playing field.

Play defensive and prioritize repairing the Church Bell

The first thing you should do is attempt to neutralize at least one of Venom's minions so that you're not taking a bunch of damage in between turns. This can actually be done by maneuvering Spider-Man directly to the right of Hunter, where his Special Delivery attack against Venom will result in an instant KO to one of his support fighters. After peppering Venom and his lackeys with at least two rounds of attacks, it's important that you equip Spider-Man with the Zinger Protocol combat item. This will grant your team two more cards for free, which will come in handy for such a powerful foe.

Throughout the mission, the ultimate goal of your team is to repair the Church Bell so you can use its sound waves against Venom. However, that will take some time. While fighting him, it's recommended that you use the Ring Small Bell card by applying three stacks of Weak and three stacks of Vulnerable to Venom. The first time you down Venom, you can make progress on repairing the Church Bell, though it will cost 10 Heroism to do so. Luckily, each time you Venom down, the repair job will cost less and less.

Overall, it's recommended that you simply keep your team alive long enough to repair the Church Bell. Therefore, try not to use too many attacks that will drain your Heroism. Eventually, after some defensive play, the Church Bell will be fixed and a cutscene will finally play in which Spider-Man and Hunter use it to dispatch Fallen Venom.