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The Callisto Protocol: How To Get The Tactical Pistol

"The Callisto Protocol" is finally out and fans are beginning to explore the horrors of deep space. While the spiritual successor to the "Dead Space" series has received mixed reviews from critics, there is agreement that it can be a very tough game. Increasingly large swarms of enemies and a rising difficulty towards the end make survival a true challenge. In this struggle against alien horrors, it pays for players to have reliable weapons at their disposal.


While it may not be the best weapon in the game, the Tactical Pistol shouldn't be passed up. As The Loadout notes, its quick rate of fire makes up for its relatively low damage, making it a great weapon for dealing with enemy tentacles. KeenGamer also points out that its high ammo capacity and range can make it an effective weapon against bosses that require a lot of shots to kill. With upgrades that can further increase its speed and magazine size, the Tactical Pistol should definitely be picked up as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this weapon won't be available until relatively late in the game. On the other hand, it is easy to find once players have reached the right chapter.

Find the Tactical Pistol in the the sixth chapter

The schematic for the Tactical Pistol can be found early on, during the sixth chapter, titled Below. As they begin moving through the area, players will encounter a new, blind enemy type (per Push Square). Near this enemy, players will find a junction with two paths. Taking the left path will lead down another corridor and, eventually, a room to the right. Inside this room, on a table out in the open, players will find the schematic for the Tactical Pistol. Once they've recovered it, they need only bring it to the next Reforge and hand over 600 credits to craft it.


As can be seen in a YouTube video from EternityInGaming, the path is a bit twisting and has a couple enemy encounters, including an ambush by one well-hidden foe, along the way. Still, It's easy enough to follow the corridor and reach the room with the schematic.

After visiting a Reforge and adding it to their inventory, players can start gathering ammo and break it out for those tough encounters where nothing but lots and lots of bullets will do. As they'll soon be heading into the final stretch, this pistol will arrive just in time.