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Marvel's Midnight Suns: How To Beat The Child Of Darkness Challenge

There are a lot of challenges that Earth's Mightiest Heroes have to face in "Marvel's Midnight Suns," but some of these trials are a lot harder than others. Firaxis Games does its best to allow players to mitigate this by offering eight different difficulty settings. Still, some missions that yield the highest rewards are designed to push players to their limits. Many of these challenges can be found within The Forge. This is an area in the Abbey that crosses Tony Stark's advanced technology with Doctor Strange's mystic arts to generate single-use items like Gamma Coils or Artifact Containers, but it also allows players to access specific hero missions after reaching friendship milestones with the Hunter.


It's here that players can unlock the Child of Darkness challenge. Those who complete it will unlock the Midnight Sun Legendary Combat Suit, the Shadowstalker Legendary Passive, and the Bladestorm Legendary Heroic Ability for the Hunter. It's slightly different from the more combat-oriented Word of Power challenges the player will have faced earlier in the game. Child of Darkness is more a puzzle challenge like the Standing Stones than anything else. Here's how to beat it.

It's all about positioning

The objective of the Child of Darkness challenge is to "Destroy the Crystal to acquire the Bladestorm ability card." The player will start on a rocky cliffside, surrounded by rubble. The target crystal is visible just across the courtyard from where players spawn at the beginning. Easy right? Well, the only problem is that the Hunter can't actually destroy the crystal with their blades — they have to use one of the enemies on the field to do it.


The primary ability that the Hunter will use in this challenge is the Charge attack. This allows the character to lunge forward and attack enemies with a devastating blade attack that knocks them backward in a straight line from where players strike. The objective is to use this ability to position one of the enemies next to the crystal.

In a way, this challenge is a bit like croquet or mini golf, where you have to navigate around obstacles to position the ball in the right place with a limited number of moves. However, in this challenge, the players use enemies instead of balls.

Charting the path

Players have discovered one specific pathway that gets an enemy standing beside the crystal, with YouTube channel Trophygamers sharing a video to demonstrate this path. Players should start by attacking the enemy immediately to their left but angling the attack to hit as far to the right as possible. This will interrupt the knockback via the short wall just before the enemy in the back-left corner.


Next, players should attack the enemy in the back-left corner straight on, leaving them positioned right beside the first enemy. Then they can turn back to that first enemy and angle their strike so that it is knocked through the narrow corridor between the rubble and lands against the wall that is in line with the crystal.

The fourth Charge attack should be against the untouched enemy that was to the player's right at the start of the challenge. Hitting them straight on will put the hunter in a (straight-ish) path with the enemy they positioned earlier. Players should then angle their last strike to get the enemy as close to the crystal as possible.

The final push

Once the player has positioned the enemy right beside the crystal, they should be able to use their last card, the Whip attack. This allows the Hunter to grab an enemy combatant and slam them into something else. In this instance, players will want to grab the enemy with the whip and then target the crystal as the object to launch them at. This will slam the foe into the crystal and shatter it.


The hard part is done at this point, but the challenge isn't over yet. A new crystal will appear on the opposite side of the field after the first one is gone. This might initially seem like a whole second phase of the challenge, but luckily, there aren't any new enemies, and the player won't have to do any more geometry to reach it. To get rid of this final obstacle, players must use the new Bladestorm card they just unlocked directly on the new crystal. This will destroy the last crystal and complete the challenge.

Now players can collect their rewards, and the Hunter will have access to the Bladestorm ability.