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Expert Tips Marvel's Midnight Suns Doesn't Tell You

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" is a challenging game, especially for those not experienced with tactical turn-based combat. And those that are familiar with the "XCOM"-style combat still have much to learn in "Marvel's Midnight Suns" — as players have much more to tackle than fighting. Players must build relationships with the supporting cast and partake in various other activities outside of combat to succeed in all aspects of the game.

Setting up a team and gearing them up will also be a crucial part of "Marvel's Midnight Suns." There are tons of ability cards and a handful of different heroes for players to choose from, allowing many combinations (via IGN). This, understandably, can overwhelm players. Although the tutorial in "Marvel's Midnight Suns" is fairly comprehensive, it doesn't explain everything. And some of the more intricate mechanics are especially important for those that upped the difficulty to get better XP and rewards. Here are all the best tips for "Marvel's Midnight Suns" that the game doesn't explain.

Explore the Abbey regularly

Outside of battle, players spend most of their time in the game's hub, the Abbey. There, players can prepare for missions and build relationships with their fellow superheroes for bonuses. But that's not all; players benefit greatly from exploring the expansive grounds of the Abbey — and there's more to the locale than what initially meets the eye.

Players shouldn't just explore the Abbey once and call it quits. Many secrets and valuable items are scattered around the hub and locked behind progression. To unlock these secrets, players must complete objectives in the Abbey to unlock new Words of Power abilities. With these new powers, players can locate and unearth new rewards.

When exploring the Abbey for the first time, players will encounter locked Arcane Chests. These chests hold cosmetic items, and players need an Arcane Key to open them. However, the game doesn't tell players that the chests restock after several days pass. So, players should go back and reopen the chests around the Abbey every few days if they have the Arcane Keys to do so.

Spar and research every day

In addition to exploring, players should take advantage of all the mechanics the Abbey offers to strengthen their party. For example, players can research projects via the Forge. These research projects will unlock various items, from valuable battle equipment to cosmetics. One of the most important structures to research is the Item Bench. This crafting table allows players to produce handy battle items.

But researching items in the Abbey takes time. It will take at least one in-game day to complete a research project, with the more advanced ones taking even longer. So, players should have a research project going at all times to maximize the output.

Sparring is another important mechanic players should not overlook in the Abbey. Once per day, players can participate in sparring through Blade in the courtyard. Players can choose which character to spar with, and it'll increase players' relationship with them in addition to earning Training levels and other rewards. Training levels are significant as they can increase a character's power level in combat. So, players should always spar each day before heading out on missions.

Construct a balanced team

Players can choose from a wide range of heroes and archetypes when constructing a team in "Marvel's Midnight Suns." However, less-than-optimal team compositions may struggle during specific missions. That's why players will benefit greatly from having a well-rounded team that can defend and heal in addition to throwing out devastating attacks.

Having a character take on a tank role can prove crucial for success in multiple sections of the game. A team with Captain America, for example, gains the ability to taunt enemies to help protect the squishier characters in a lineup. Players will also need a healer like Nico Minoru to keep characters topped off on health during combat. The rest of the team can then focus on pumping out considerable damage. Finally, players can choose any DPS characters for their remaining members. However, it is recommended to have a mix of single-target and AOE cards in the deck to dispatch multiple types of foes efficiently.