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Street Fighter 6 Collector's Edition: What's Included?

The beloved 2D fighting series "Street Fighter" is back with its sixth installment. And much has changed with the series since the original game hit arcades in 1987. For example, "Street Fighter 6" brings more depth to its staple fighting gameplay with its Drive system, allowing players to unleash devastating moves after filling up their gauge. There are also new ways to play with multiple control types that can help those new to the series jump in and easily play.


Although fans have already gotten their hands on "Street Fighter 6" via a closed beta, the game officially launches on June 2, 2023. In the meantime, fans can pre-order their preferred version of the game. Capcom has announced four versions of "Street Fighter 6:" Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Collector's Edition. The Deluxe Edition is 85$, with the price increase netting players a character pass and additional characters and colors. The Ultimate, for a bit more money at 105$, gives players a ton more digital items such as outfits, colors, and stages. Finally, at a whopping $250, the Collector's Edition gives "Street Fighter" superfans some impressive physical and digital goodies.

What does the Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition include?

At 85$, the "Street Fighter 6" Deluxe Edition is 15$ more than the standard edition, but it brings some digital goodies for players to enjoy. Most importantly, it comes with a character pass, a must-have for players that are in for the long haul with "Street Fighter 6." The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Year 1 Character Pass, which will give players access to all 4 DLC characters planned for release during the game's first year.
  • Outfit 1 Colors 3-10 for DLC characters are included, providing players with seven color choices for the default Outfit 1 on all four DLC characters.
  • 4,200 Drive Tickets, the "Street Fighter 6" in-game currency players can spend how they want. However, there is no word on if this currency can be spent on characters and stages like in "Street Fighter 5" or if it will just be relegated to cosmetics.  

Although the colors and Drive Tickets won't give players any advantages in the game, for any player already planning on buying the Character Pass, the bonuses of the Deluxe Edition may be worth the extra 15$.

What does the Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition include?

The "Street Fighter 6" Ultimate Edition includes the base game, all the Deluxe edition content, and a ton more digital content. However, unlike the Deluxe and Standard Editions, the Ultimate Edition will not have a physical disc version. The "Street Fighter 6" Ultimate Edition includes:

  • All Deluxe Edition content, such as the Year 1 Character Pack and the Outfit 1 Colors 3-10 for the DLC characters.
  • Outfit 2 for each of the four Year 1 DLC characters. This also includes colors 1-10 for the costume.
  • Outfit 3 for each of the four Year 1 DLC characters. And like Outfit 2, this comes with ten alternate colors.
  • 2 Additional Stages yet to be revealed by Capcom.
  • 7,700 Drive Tickets, the in-game currency for "Street Fighter 6." These tickets do not stack with the Deluxe edition Tickets, so the Ultimate edition only comes with 7,700 Drive Tickets.

Because the Ultimate Edition brings only cosmetic upgrades from the Deluxe Edition, it is only for those that want to look good inside the ring in "Street Fighter 6."

What does the Street Fighter 6 Collector's Edition include?

The "Street Fighter 6" Collector's Edition is for super fans of the series that want to showcase their love for "Street Fighter" for all to see. On top of providing players with a copy of the game and all the previous digital goodies from the deluxe edition, the Collector's Edition gives players some physical items to show off.

  • Digital Content from the Ultimate Edition, such as the Year 1 Character Pass, additional costumes, colors, stages, and 7,600 Drive Tickets.
  • MadGear Box is a red box that houses all of the items. It's practical but stylish, with its MadGear street gang logo plastered on the front.
  • Pop-Up PARADE figures Luke and Kimberly (17 cm) are two "Street Fighter 6" figures that will look great on any superfan's desk.
  • Sticker Set, which includes the "Street Fighter" Logo, a cute pixel art Blanka, and much more
  • An Art book that Capcom packed with various concept art and general artwork from the upcoming game.
  • Figure Diorama Boards that users can put their Pop-Up figurines in to make them come to life in front of a "Street Fighter" background.

As the name suggests, the "Street Fighter 6" Collector's Edition is for collectors. And at its premium price, collectors will get some "Street Fighter" merchandise that will surely catch the eye of anyone that sees it.