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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Glitches That Actually Help You

It's no secret that both "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" suffer some serious performance issues. Early reactions to the games praised Game Freak's innovations to the franchise's gameplay. Still, fans have been vocally disappointed by everything from the dismal frame rate and choppy animation to the outrageous variety of bugs many have experienced. The new Paldea region is full-to-bursting with NPCs clipping through solid objects and strange physics errors. Some of these glitches can be funny, while others skew on the creepy side, and most are just annoying as they break the player's immersion. That said, a handful can prove genuinely helpful to on-the-rise Pokémon trainers.


Ever since the days of Missingno in Gen 1, making use of helpful glitches in "Pokémon" games has been a time-honored tradition. Sure, it might not be the most righteous path to becoming a Pokémon master, but exploiting these hacks can add layers of entertainment to the game that go beyond what the developers intended. Here are a few strange glitches that can help players in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet."

Infinite item picnic

Few things are more practical and useful in a Pokémon game than a good item duplication glitch, and there is a straightforward way to generate items in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet." Players who exploit this technique can net tons of respawning items, but they won't have much control over what appears. While it's not quite as helpful as glitches that could duplicate anything in the player's inventory, it's still a great trick for any trainer to have at their disposal.


The sparkling spots on the ground are good for more than just a quick item. YouTuber Blaines posted a video explaining that players could produce these items indefinitely if they set a picnic up right on top of the shiny spot. Once they have done this, the item appears in the picnic basket where it can be collected. It then reappears every once in a while as long as the player stands there.

While this was initially assumed to be a glitch, fans have come to learn that it's actually an intended feature in the game. What's happening is that the player's Pokémon are finding items around the picnic site and bringing them back for the trainer to loot. While debunked as a glitch, this trick can still be handy for anyone looking to make fast money.


Koraidon and Miraidon item cloning

There was another item and Pokémon duplication trick, but part of the glitch was removed as of the game's first patch – v. 1.1.0. That said, it is still available to those who have access to a cloned Koraidon or Miraidon from before the patch.


YouTuber Blaines shared how the trick works after the patch, reminding players that they'll already need access to a clone of their Legendary Pokémon. Players will want to bring the cloned Koraidon or Miraidon into their party from the Box and have it hold the item they want to duplicate. Once that's set, gamers can select the cloned Pokémon and choose the option to "Return to ride form." 

Now players can hop back into their Boxes and, from Box 1, pressing the X button twice and L once will navigate players to a box containing the extra Koraidon or Miraidon. Players will find both Pokémon are holding the given item, and fans can do the trick ad nauseam.

Skipping School

One of the major features of "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" is the school in the heart of Mesagoza. This is where burgeoning trainers can take classes and where all three of the main story missions start following the prologue. Under normal circumstances, players must go to the school to unlock the rest of the Paldea region... unless they exploit a glitch.


Reddit user GalaxyHunter17 managed to break into the rest of the open world without going to Mesagoza at all. While all routes aside from the school seem impassable, GalaxyHunter17 managed the seemingly impossible. And the fan explained how others could cheese their way around school with a bit of help from some of the game's buggier mechanics.

"If you hug the cliff-face and slowly walk towards the Area 4 cliff, you'll get stuck on a small ledge between and below both cliffs," GalaxyHunter17 said. "From there, you can target one of the (level 20 or so) Pokemon on the Area 4 side, and abuse the 'teleporting trainer' aspect of battles to move into Area 4. Doing so allows you to by-pass the school quest gating system and begin exploring without any of those triggers engaging."


While some will still want to go to school to play through the game normally, for those with the right know-how, it's possible to live out fans' delinquent dreams in " Pokémon Scarlet" or "Violet."