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Warzone 2.0 Fans Want Their Money Back After Controversial Skin Gets Nerfed

One of the most controversial skins in "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0" has received a nerf, and fans who bought the skin are not too pleased.

Earlier this month, "Warzone 2.0" added a paid skin to the game. The skin — inspired by professional "Call of Duty" team LA Thieves — was all-black except for a bright "LA" logo on the chest. While the cosmetic is undoubtedly sleek and has a low-profile design, many players complained the skin is akin to pay-to-win because it practically made those wearing it invisible in dark areas of the map.

Similar to how the "Roze" skin was fixed in the original "Warzone" and 2019's "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" after it gave players a bit too much advantage, Activision has patched the LA Thieves skin in "Warzone 2.0" to make it more visible, giving it more luminescent eye goggles and straps (via Eurogamer). While some gamers might be happy that players who paid for the LA Thieves skin will no longer have a massive advantage over other players, the fans who paid for the skin are less than thrilled by the change. And now, they want their money back.

Players who bought the LA Thieves skin may get a refund

If players bought the LA Thieves skin in "Warzone 2.0," intending to be harder to see, it's only natural that consumers are a bit irked after the skin was essentially nerfed. But surprisingly enough, it seems that Activision has been giving out refunds to some players who purchased the skin and are dissatisfied with its new look. According to a tweet from "Call of Duty" news figure CharlieIntel, players on Battle.net or Xbox may be eligible to receive a refund if they bought the LA Thieves skin. However, CharlieIntel also clarifies that results may be different for each person.

In response to some commenters implying the skin change was justice served to those trying to buy advantage, one Twitter user said that they were asking for a refund because the skin no longer appealed to them. "bought the skin because I always go for the all black look in every game," the user said. "[It] didn't offer any tactical advantage since I'm not the hide in the shadows type. They altered the product in a way that's no longer appealing so, I want my money back. It's not what I paid for. Simple." Another user hit back at those criticizing players requesting refunds, saying that consumers bought a skin for a specific look, only for it to be changed two weeks later — likening the situation to purchasing a black car only for it to be delivered red.