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The Embarrassing Reason Aydan Was Banned From Twitch

The streamer Aydan received a suspension from Twitch on December 12. This is the first ban in his streaming career, and it seems that the platform initially gave him little context about how he violated Twitch's rules except to say that it was for "sexually explicit content," blindsiding him and many of his fans who had no idea what this was referring to. The suspension lasts one week – a somewhat lengthy punishment by Twitch's usual standards, leaving many confused viewers to question what it was that Twitch thought the "Call of Duty Warzone" streamer did that merited such a ban.

People can get banned from Twitch for a myriad of different reasons, with justifications ranging from the perfectly logical to the somewhat ridiculous. One of the shadier sides of Twitch – and the most frequent sources of criticism that the platform receives — comes from streamers pointing out its inconsistency in following its own rules and the lack of clarity on what exactly those rules are. Those around nudity and sexual content are particularly difficult to parse. However, one line in the Twitch community guidelines reads, "Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services, are prohibited." Those who watched Aydan's stream might not have immediately recognized it, but it turns out that this was the rule he broke ... with his gaming chair.

A man and his gaming chair

The day after his suspension, Aydan posted a tweet letting his fans know that he had received clarification from Twitch as to the reason for his suspension. But whatever people were expecting it to be, the actual reason for the ban was far more ridiculous. "I got some more context behind my suspension," he wrote. It turns out Aydan was punished for mimicking intercourse with his chair jokingly. "Looks like we gotta turn it down a little bit, lol," he tweeted.

That's right, it turns out that Aydan was suspended for being overly affectionate with his gaming chair on stream. It seems that Twitch's moderators frowned on this creative use of furniture and found it to be a violation of the platform's community guidelines.

Some fans still found the ban to be unusually long, given the nature of the guideline violation, and argued that many others had received much shorter bans for much more grievous infractions. @imBronana wrote, "Seems way too long. Especially since you have a clean record I assume. Why [can't] they just run a warning for something like this?" Meanwhile, others seemed more amused by the inherent humor of the situation. @Rated_COD wrote "I just need to know who reported you for that, actual weird human being," to which @crobby19 responded, "Maybe it was the chair."

In any case, it seems that Twitch streamers now know that they should probably stick to using their gaming chairs for sitting, at least while they're live.