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Here's How You Can Own Henry Cavill's Armor In The Witcher 3

The new next-gen update for "The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt" offers a ton of quality-of-life improvements for the game. Even though the launch on PC has echoed some of the issues from "Cyberpunk 2077," the update has generally been considered a success. CD Projekt Red has added new textures and ray-tracing to spruce up the visuals, and they have added new gameplay features like Quick Sign Casting to make the game feel even more immersive. It isn't just the graphics and mechanics that are getting an update though — there's a little bit of new content as well, from an unlikely source.


Following in the footsteps of the "Cyberpunk 2077" Edgerunners update (which also added some content from the Edgerunners TV show), it seems that CD Projekt Red has once again decided to include a few items that were modeled after the ones featured in Netflix's corresponding properties. In this case, players will be able to unlock the weapons and armor used by the version of Geralt portrayed by Henry Cavill in "The Witcher" Netflix series. Many fans of the series will be eager to deck themselves out in TV Geralt's studded wolf gear. Here's how to collect this iconic armor set.

Start with a special quest in Velen

Henry Cavill's armor in the "Witcher 3: Complete Edition" is called the Forgotten Wolf armor. In order to get the diagrams for it, players will have to start a new side quest called "In the Eternal Fire's Shadow,” which takes place in Velen. Many players may wish to make a beeline straight for this quest as soon as they start the game, but it's recommended that they reach a minimum of level seven before they attempt to take it on as the enemies they will be facing may be a little too much for fresh-faced witchers to handle. It also might be worthwhile to get the magic lamp from Keira Metz first by completing her quest. The lamp lets Geralt see spirits, which may be useful. Players don't need it to complete the quest, but it's good to have for anyone who wishes to witness all of the new lore.


To initiate the quest, Geralt should head east from the town of Mulbrydale to the map marker called the Devil's Pit. Here, they will find a priest of the Eternal Fire who will ask Geralt to go into the nearby mine where several bandits and a spirit of pestilence reside. This is where they will be able to collect the armor diagrams.

Completing the quest

After wiping out the bandits outside, players will descend into the mine. There will be a mysterious voice directing Geralt and telling him where to go, but players should instead look around carefully and thoroughly explore the entire area, making sure to collect all the letters from an old witcher named Reinald so that they can piece together a potion he concocted.


Players will eventually discover Reinald in the depths of the mine wearing a very familiar set of armor. They will quickly learn that he is possessed by a spirit known as the Red Miasmal. They will have to fight him, and then eventually the spirit that resides within. These are both challenging fights and drinking the potion rather than giving it to Reinald can make it a lot easier.

After defeating them, the spirit of the true Reinald will emerge. Talking to him will reveal that he designed his armor himself and the diagrams to make it are in his tunic pocket. Geralt will then collect these diagrams.

Now that the player has these, they simply have to gather the materials and find an adequate smith to craft the base version of the Forgotten Wolf armor. The enhanced diagrams can then be found later in Kaer Morhen.