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The Witcher 3 Players Get The Roach Update They've Always Wanted

Years after its release, fans are still finding reasons to play "The Witcher 3" again, and it remains developer CD Projekt RED's biggest hit. Now, the game is getting even bigger and better, thanks to the new, free next-gen update. The update, available for PC and next-gen console players who bought an original version of the game, is more than just a graphics upgrade. The patch notes reveal it also introduces improvements, bug fixes, and even new content to the game. As it turns out, CDPR also slipped something else into the update, discovered shortly after launch. This addition adds a new way to interact with Geralt's horse, Roach, and whether they knew it or not, it's the update fans have always wanted.


YouTuber Neon Knight recently revealed on Twitter that, thanks to the new update, players can now pet Geralt's trusty horse. In the video shown, Geralt can be seen approaching Roach, brushing his coat with his hand, and giving him a couple of gentle pats. This elicits an appreciative tail flick from the horse, who otherwise remains his noble, stoic self.

Fans have already reacted with joy at this discovery. Some have joked that its addition is just as impressive as Geralt's beard options. Others note that this is just one of many great changes that CDPR has made with little or no fanfare. Regardless of the specifics, everyone seems to agree that petting Roach is a feature that was sorely needed.


Hold the jump button to pet Roach

It seems evident that CDPR wanted this new feature to be a fun treat for players to discover. In addition to not mentioning it in the patch notes, there is no button prompt to alert players that they can now pet Roach. When Geralt stands next to his horse, the standard prompt, which informs players they can press the jump button to mount up, appears, but there is no indication that Geralt can now show Roach a little extra love. 


If players want to do so, all they need to do is hold the jump button rather than press it. Doing this will trigger the new petting animation instead of having Geralt hop up onto Roach for a ride.

This adorable new feature, which borders on being an Easter egg, is already delighting fans. It also raises the question of what, if any, other secrets there might be hiding in the new update. Intrigued fans will need to jump back into the world of "The Witcher" to find out.