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The Best Akimbo Pistols Loadout In Warzone 2.0

There's plenty to see and shoot in "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0." Players can acquire Black Site Keys for a chance to unlock big rewards or even venture through the new DMZ mode. Whatever game mode or objective players set out for, having one's personal loadout can make the going a lot easier, and some players may want that loadout to feature two handguns instead of one. 


The appeal of akimbo wielding pistols in "Warzone 2.0" is that, at the moment, they're proving to be at the higher end of the meta. In fact, the best akimbo loadout can even kill quicker than some of the game's submachine guns. There's a total of five different sidearms to consider when players create an akimbo-focused loadout, and players can definitely choose the weapon that suits them the best. However, one particular sidearm is proving to be better than the others when it comes to akimbo killing.

The P890 offers the best akimbo loadout

Both GamesRadar and GamerTweak agree that a player's best option for akimbo sidearms is the P890. Luckily, this is the game's starting sidearm, so it doesn't require any time to unlock it. However, the attachment required for dual-wielding the weapon isn't unlocked until it's level up to 26. After that's done, however, players can wield a P890 in each hand for increased lethality. 


Of course, to make their sidearms deadlier still, players ought to load them up with the optimal attachments. GamesRadar and GamerTweak agree that a player's P890 akimbo loadout should include the FT Steel Fire Muzzle, the Bruen Express Trigger Action, and the 1MW Pistol Laser. Of course, they both recommend the required Akimbo Rear Grip as well. 

Each one of the aforementioned attachments offers different bonuses to a player's pair of P890s. The FT Steel Fire Muzzle will increase bullet velocity, damage range, recoil smoothness, and even offer sound suppression. This all comes at the expense of aim-down sight speed and aiming stability, but these are two stats that hardly matter when using akimbo weapons. The Bruen Express Trigger Action will increase the rate of fire for the P890s, and the 1MW Pistol Laser increases hip fire accuracy, hip recoil control, and sprint-to-fire speed — three huge bonuses for akimbo shooting. 


Where the sites disagree is on the fifth and final recommended attachment. GamerTweak advises players to use the 12 Round Mag for more shots while GamesRadar recommends the .45 Auto Armor Piercing rounds for increased bullet penetration. It's up to a player's personal preference, but these recommendations should help players see akimbo effectiveness increase.