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Demeo Battles - What We Know So Far

Developer Resolution Games has churned out several VR games since opening its doors, including "Demeo," a virtual reality version of a tabletop RPG. Designed as a way for players to recreate the experience of getting together around a table to dungeon crawl with dice and miniatures, "Demeo" has received good reviews and a "Very Positive" reception from gamers on Steam.


Building on its early success, Resolution Games has decided to turn "Demeo" into a competitive experience with "Demeo Battles." This game looks to offer the same basic concept and mechanics of its predecessor but with a multiplayer battle twist. Previous fans of "Demeo," those who love multiplayer TTRPGs, and anyone interested in unique VR experiences will definitely want to keep an eye on this title ahead of its release. Thankfully, Resolution Games has already shared enough information about "Demeo Battles" to give prospective buyers a basic idea of what to expect.

Does Demeo Battles have a release date?

"Demeo Battles" was announced at the Resolution Games 2022 Showcase on December 15 and remains in development. Thus, at the moment, it has no set release date, with the showcase establishing that it will arrive sometime in 2023. In fact, there is currently no dedicated game page for it on Steam or the developer's website. So, it looks like fans will have to wait for some time before they can dive into the action.


When it does launch, "Demeo Battles" will require a VR headset, but Resolution has not shared which varieties it will support. When it debuted, players could pick up  the original "Demeo" for Oculus and Steam VR. However, Resolution revealed that it would hit PS5 and PSVR2 in 2023, making all of these VR systems a possibility for "Demeo Battles." Further, while "Demeo" started as a VR-only game, it has since received a PC edition, potentially opening up a similar path for "Demeo Battles" down the road.

Is there a trailer for Demeo Battles?

So far, there's just a brief gameplay trailer for "Demeo Battles." A banner across the bottom emphasizes that the trailer represents a "work-in-progress," so some elements may change before the game releases. Still, it provides a good idea of what to expect.


The trailer appears to offer a glimpse of the different phases of a match, from selecting a team to placing units and engaging in battle. Veterans of the original "Demeo" will find the sound and art design quite familiar. Even the environments and units appear to be drawn from its predecessor. While new features will likely turn up over time, "Demeo Battles" looks to be just what Resolution has presented it as: a competitive take on "Demeo."

For those who want more, the 2022 showcase provided a few more clips from the entry.

What will the gameplay be like in Demeo Battles?

As the announcement and trailer make clear, "Demeo Battles" will play very much like "Demeo." Anyone familiar with miniature games and roleplaying board games like Gloomhaven will feel right at home, albeit a virtual one. Players move miniatures around a board that represents a dungeon or other fantastical environment and use powers, fight monsters, and find treasure. This time around, one player will apparently take on the role of the dungeon master, assembling a team of foes for the other players to face.


In addition to these basics, "Demeo Battles" borrows an idea from battle royale games, introducing a shrinking battlefield. Over time, lava encircling the map will move closer to the center, forcing both sides into conflict. As of right now, "Demeo Battles" looks to be an appealing option for anyone that wants a competitive TTRPG experience without all the setup.