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The Best Assault Rifle In Warzone 2.0

"Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0" offers operators a range of weapons to choose from across several different categories. Some may favor the long range of sniper rifles while others may prefer to get up close and personal with shotguns or SMGs. Most players, however, will spend the bulk of their time using an assault rifle.


The reliable workhorse of "Warzone," the assault rifle strikes a solid balance between short and long range and accuracy and power. Assault rifles are also highly customizable, allowing players to craft different loadouts to emphasize the various strengths of the weapon and tailor it to their playstyles.

Given the reliability and effectiveness of assault rifles, players will want to choose one to specialize in. When doing so, it makes sense to go with the assault rifle that stands above the rest as the best in the game. When it comes to "Warzone 2.0," however, the choice of best assault rifle is really a toss-up between two options.

Kastov 762

There is plenty of debate about which assault rifle is the best, but many players have put the Kastov 762 at the top of their lists. This assault rifle gets the nod for its level of stopping power across short, medium, and long range, making it a great option for quick kills. As Dexerto explained, the weapon is excellent at taking down enemies at medium range and beyond.


It should be noted that the Kastov 762 does have a drawback. Its high kickback makes it less stable and, as a result, less accurate when fired rapidly (per Rock Paper Shotgun). Operators that choose to go with this weapon will want to equip it with attachments that reduce this kickback or, alternatively, focus on getting kills with as few shots as possible. Firing in short bursts can take advantage of the rifle's stopping power to drop opponents before the recoil becomes a factor.


While the Kastov 762 has gotten lots of votes for best assault rifle, others swear by the TAQ-56. Many Redditors gave it the number one spot for its accuracy and low recoil, as well as the increased damage it does for headshots. All of these strengths make it an excellent choice for those that like to engage enemies at longer distances. GamesRadar+ specifically emphasized these points and proposed a build designed around playing to these advantages


The TAQ-56 balances the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon class the best. These factors definitely earn the assault rifle its tie for first place with the Kastov 762. Both rifles are strong contenders and an argument could be made for either as the best in "Warzone 2.0." In general, players that favor fights at medium range and want more power will likely go with the Kastov 762 while those that like the long range potential of the assault rifle will want to bring a TAQ-56.