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The Best Chimera Loadout For Warzone 2.0

As with past "Call of Duty" games, "Warzone 2.0" offers fans a host of weapons to choose from. From sniper rifles that can hit an opponent from across the map to shotguns for clearing rooms in close quarters, there's something for every possible playstyle.


While "Warzone 2.0" is currently geared towards fighting at long range and thus favors weapons that can provide power and accuracy from a distance (per DotEsports) it's sometimes necessary to engage foes up close. When that's the case, the Chimera becomes a solid option.

While technically an assault rifle, it's been described as a mix of assault rifle and SMG, making it a good choice for operators that prefer short to medium range shooting (per EarlyGame). To get the most out of this weapon and use it to maximum effect, however, it's important to build a loadout that brings out its strengths and supports and complementary strategy.


The Chimera isn't the best choice for long range but, with the right attachments, it can be used for quickly and quietly getting in close for the kill. To achieve this, players should start by following the advice of DualShockers and leaving the barrel and muzzle alone. One of the benefits of the Chimera is that it comes with a built-in suppressor, meaning it's already silent and no silencer needs to be added.


Instead, players should listen to EarlyGame and The Loadout and add a VLK LZR 7MW Laser and a 45 Round Magazine. The laser improves stability and firing speed (and also provides a laser to help with aiming) while the new magazine provided more ammo to allow for overwhelming enemies with firepower. Both will be invaluable in close quarters combat.

Next, the FTAC Ripper Underbarrel should be added for even more stability and reduced recoil (per PCGamesN). Finally, players should go with CharlieIntel and add a Ravage-8 Stock for improved mobility and a D37 Grip for even more recoil reduction.

Put together, these attachments will make for a weapon that excels at rapidly taking out enemies at close range without giving away its position.



Unlike "Modern Warfare 2," the new iteration of "Warzone" doesn't allow players to select individual perks or edit perk packages. Instead, players must choose from a handful of predesigned packages which include two base perks, a bonus perk, and an ultimate perk. For the Chimera, it's best to go with the Specter package (per DotEsports).


As the name implies, this package is designed for stealthy play. It comes with the base perks Double Time and Tracker which allow an operator to move faster and see trails left behind by enemies respectively. For a bonus perk, it has Spotter, which highlights enemy equipment in the area. Finally, for an ultimate perk, it includes Ghost, which renders the operator invisible to UAVs, Radars, and Heartbeat sensors. All together, this package helps a player stay quick and quiet, able to sneak up on enemies and take them out unnoticed by their allies.


The last part of the equation is equipment. Here, players get one piece of lethal equipment and one tactical. Once again, the goal should be to enhance the sneaking and stalking of the build.

For tactical equipment, players may want to heed the advice of RockPaperShotgun and go with a Heartbeat Sensor. This will allow an operator to detect nearby enemies that are standing still and, thus, invisible to the Tracker perk. As long as they don't also have the Ghost ultimate perk, they won't be able to hide.


For lethal equipment, it really is a toss up and up to the player. Some may want to go with a throwing knife for more stealth kill action. Others may want a grenade for when they get into tight situations. It's probably best to avoid equipment that is placed and detonated later, like claymores, as the player is too mobile to make use of them. Other than that, however, every operator should go with what makes them comfortable.

All together, this loadout should enhance all the positives of the Chimera and make for a quick and stealthy build that will catch some of the long range-focused players by surprise.