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How To Unlock 7-Star Tera Raids In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

A ton of new features were added in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet," but one of the most unique mechanics is the addition of the Terastal phenomenon. This allows Pokémon in the Galdea region to become encased in a unique kind of crystal that enhances certain type-based abilities. Most of the wild Pokémon that players will catch while roaming the open-world will have a Terastal form that matches their primary elemental type, but some can be battled and caught in Tera Raids are a bit different. These will have alternate Terastal forms, such as a Flying-Type Pikachu or a Dragon-Type Shellder. Tera Raid battles also drop special loot that can't be found anywhere else in the game.


There were initially six different "star levels" for Tera Raids. Higher levels consist of more challenging fights. The highest ones only become available after the player beats the main game and the credits roll, with 6 Star raids initially being the most challenging and only being available once per day. The advantage of these is that better Pokémon can be caught, and they also reward players with rarer and more valuable loot. Now, it seems that Nintendo has introduced even more advanced, 7 Star Tera Raids. Here's how to access them.

7 Star Tera Raids are event only

Regular Raids are activated by approaching a Tera Raid Crystal out in the open world. The new 7 Star Tera Raids are activated in a similar way, but they will only be available during special events. According to Serebii.net, the first 7 Star Terra Raid Event ran from December 16-18 and featured a Charizard with a Dragon-Tera-Type called "Charizard the Unrivaled." "All players can participate in the [7 Star] Raid Battles but players can only see them spawn in their game if they have unlocked 6 Star Raid Battles," the page stated. "Players can only catch the Charizard once but can play again for more rewards." RageGamingVideos shared a YouTube video where they said that all players need to do to access these raids during the event is ensure that they're connected to the internet and then head to the raid den. 7 Star Tera Raids appear to be marked with the symbol for the Tera-Type of the raided Pokémon, but they can be distinguished from the other map markers by differences in coloration.


Serebii also shared the news that the second event will be against a Fighting-Tera-Type Cinderace running from Dec 30-Jan 1, so players should be sure to line up a good Fairy, Psychic or Flying-Type for the battle. Fans shouldn't worry if they've missed out on any of these events, however, as it seems likely that there are many more on the way.