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Baldur's Gate 3 - What We Know So Far

"Baldur's Gate" has a long and venerable history among PC gamers, RPG lovers, and "Dungeons & Dragons" fans alike. The original won widespread praise when it released in 1998 and remains a highlight of developer BioWare's early days when it was still heavily influenced by tabletop RPGs (per Twenty Sided). While the title spawned numerous spinoffs, expansions, and remastered editions, the core series has remained dormant since the launch of "Baldur's Gate 2" in 2000. After decades of waiting, however, fans can rejoice at the return of the franchise with the upcoming "Baldur's Gate 3."


Developed and published by Larian studios, which created "Divinity," the long-awaited sequel looks to bring the classic style of the IP into a new era. It features a new story housed in the "D&D" setting "Forgotten Realms" and gameplay that blends old school roleplaying rules and new video game innovations. There's plenty for fans to get excited about and lots of information about the follow-up to absorb while they wait for the official release.

Does Baldur's Gate 3 have a release date?

While "Baldur's Gate 3" has been available in early access on Steam and GOG since 2020, there was no word for years about when the full version of the game might launch. This finally changed with the debut of a new trailer at the 2022 Game Awards. This segment didn't provide an exact date but it did give fans a general timeframe for when the title will release.


It's now official that the full version of "Baldur's Gate 3" will drop in August 2023. This may seem like quite a long while but, compared to the three years fans who first jumped on the early access will have waited, it's not too bad. When it does launch, it will be available for both Windows and macOS. Fans will have the option to grab the regular version or a special collector's edition that comes with lots of goodies and extras.

How to get early access to Baldur's Gate 3

The full game may not release until the summer of 2023, but prospective buyers can still get a taste of "Baldur's Gate 3" now through early access. To play, one need only purchase the title for $59.99 on GOG or Steam and fire it up.


Those contemplating giving early access a try should know that "Baldur's Gate 3" remains in development, with bugs still present and only some content available. Currently, early access users can only dive into the first act and choose from a limited selection of fantasy races and classes for a player character. While Larian Studios has said this will still provide around thirty hours of content, not everyone will want to play a limited version that's not fully polished. Further, saved games created in early access will not carry over when the full game releases, meaning players will lose all progress made.

Those who want to see how a game comes together over time or who just can't wait to get a taste of "Baldur's Gate 3" should consider early access. Everyone else will likely benefit by waiting for the completed product to drop.


What do the trailers reveal about Baldur's Gate 3?

Larian Studios has offered fans a few trailers since the announcement of "Baldur's Gate 3." The initial trailer focuses on a knight gruesomely transforming into a mind flayer, one of the scarier monsters of "D&D." Larian followed this up with another trailer that shows off the full opening of the game, offering a more in depth look at the mind flayers who appear to serve as the main antagonists.


Larian dropped a third trailer that announces the early access phase of the game. This trailer reveals the predicament that the player character will face at the start of narrative. Infected with a mind flayer tadpole, they are doomed to have their brain consumed and turn into a mind flayer themselves unless they can find a cure.

In addition to revealing the release window, the Game Awards trailer offers more details about the sequel itself. Introducing a few party members, environments, and gameplay, it even previews the return of fan favorite character, Minsc, from the original "Baldur's Gate."

What will the gameplay be like in Baldur's Gate 3?

While some aspects will change, the game's Steam page and experiences from early access provide a good idea of what to expect from "Baldur's Gate 3." In many ways, Larian Studios looks to honor the legacy of the series and "D&D" in general. Players will create a character with lots of customization, class, and background options and adventure across the world with a party of companions in a top-down, third-person view. The follow-up will feature a massive story that incorporates a large cast of characters, lots of areas to explore, and important choices to make that will impact the narrative.


Larian Studios has also drawn on its experience with the "Divinity" series and updated elements of the gameplay to create a smoother, more satisfying loop. "Baldur's Gate 3" will be differ from "D&D" in some key ways and the franchise will switch from the traditional real-time with pauses to turn-based combat. Despite these changes, it appears that the entry will pay tribute to the spirit and style of the original. Fans of Larian Studios' past work and the "Baldur's Gate" IP should all have something to look forward to here.