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Overwatch 2's Director Almost Gave Away This Big Secret On Twitch

Not everyone was satisfied when Blizzard launched "Overwatch 2" in October. Not only was the game plagued with technical issues, but many also felt that it was too similar to the original "Overwatch" and didn't bring enough new content to earn the title of a sequel. Specifically, many were disappointed the game shipped without the long-awaited "Overwatch" campaign mode.


Instead of releasing the campaign mode and the multiplayer simultaneously, Blizzard decided to hold off on the campaign release for some time in 2023 (per Techradar). Blizzard then seemingly shifted its focus to pumping out new content for the PvP side of "Overwatch" via new characters and seasonal battle passes. As a result, some wondered if Blizzard was still committed to shipping an "Overwatch" campaign mode. 

Recently, the "Overwatch 2" director almost streamed a big secret about the sequel on Twitch, and it will no doubt excite those looking forward to seeing more of the PvE side of "Overwatch 2."

Campaign map almost leaked

During a recent December 21 Twitch Stream on the official PlayOverwatch channel, Game Director Aaron Keller, Art Director Dion Rogers, and Community Manager Andy Belford sat down to discuss the map-making process and showcase some of their favorite maps. However, when Game Director Aaron Keller attempted to pull up a specific map, he encountered some problems. Keller explained to his co-hosts, "I don't even know if I picked the right map," stating that the "Overwatch 2" dev build doesn't display a map's name before pulling it up. He preemptively apologized for messing up if he pulled up the wrong map. A few seconds later, Keller did, in fact, pull up the wrong map and was sent into a panic. The game director stated, "Oh I don't think this is it. Oh my god, I'm glad we're not streaming this because it's a campaign map." In response, Keller and Rogers began laughing, but Community manager Belford, on the other hand, reacted differently.


Belford was visibly stunned at what he heard and immediately said, "So we're gonna change the subject really quickly." Then he followed up with, "and yes we're very glad you're not streaming that Aaron." Despite no in-game footage being shown, the incident seemingly confirms that the team is still committed to bringing some sort of campaign to "Overwatch 2." It's not the first time an "Overwatch 2" campaign map has been leaked, but this newest mistake by Aaron Keller will no doubt further excite "Overwatch" fans for what's to come.