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Warzone 2.0: The Best Kastov 762 Loadout

Choosing the right weapon and loadout can make or break the "Warzone 2.0" experience. Players have lots of options to select from across different categories and even more attachments, perks, and equipment to add on. Making the ideal choices and designing a strategy around a loadout plays a key role in any victory. Among the many possibilities available, players can't go wrong with the Kastov 762.


Arguably the best assault rifle in "Warzone 2.0," the Kastov 762 boasts exceptionally high damage and effectiveness at medium and long range. While it does suffer from a high kickback, players can offset this through attachments and planning ahead. Thus, the best build for the firearm aims to take advantage of its strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. This results in a weapon that will dominate in the longer range combat that has become the norm for "Warzone 2.0." A skilled operator who utilizes this build should rack up kills in no time.


The perfect loadout for any weapon starts with attachments. For the Kastov 762, "Warzone 2.0" players want to prioritize reducing its recoil while extending its range. To this end, users should start by adding a Sakin Tread-40 muzzle and a Demo-X2 rear grip (via Dot Esports). Both of these attachments will help stabilize the gun, making it easier to land consecutive shots on a target and partially negating the Kastov 762's major flaw.


With recoil taken care of, range becomes the priority. Here, players should listen to PCGamesN and EarlyGame and go for a VLK 4.0 optic. This sight, with its 4X magnification, strikes a good balance between medium and long range, ensuring that an operator can engage enemies across different distances. Next, players should take the advice of Charlie Intel and attach a Commando Foregrip underbarrel to further reduce recoil and increase aiming stability, making for greater accuracy all around. Finally, players want to select a KSTV-RPK Factory stock (per Dot Esports), which offers the same benefits as the Commando Foregrip.


After sorting out attachments, players will need to choose a perk package to go with their weapon in "Warzone 2.0." The Loadout recommended selecting Weapons Specialist, as it both plays to the strengths of the Kastov 762 while balancing against its weaknesses. 


Weapons Specialist comes with the base perks Overkill and Strong Arm, which allow a player to take a second primary weapon and throw grenades and other equipment greater distances, respectively. Taking a second weapon will allow for carrying a firearm that favors shorter range, thus filling the gap left by the longer range Kastov. Players should consider bringing a shotgun or SMG so they can go in prepared when forced to fight up close. As for Strong Arm, the ability to throw grenades further serves any operator planning to mostly fight at longer range.

Meanwhile, the bonus perk Spotter will let the player avoid traps set by foes as they move around the map. Finally, the ultimate perk of Survivor will help teammates find enemies when the player has been downed.



With attachments and a perk package set, your "Warzone 2.0" Kastov 762 loadout just needs a piece of lethal equipment and a piece of tactical equipment. For lethal equipment, players should listen to the advice of EarlyGame and take some Semtex. Acting as a sticky grenade, Semtex will take advantage of the Strong Arm perk, allowing players to hurl it further across the map to take out opponents from a distance.


As for tactical equipment, Charlie Intel recommended bringing a Flash Grenade. Once again, this will synergize with the Strong Arm perk for maximum range. Further, the Flash Grenade is simply a solid piece of equipment that will disorient enemies, setting them up for easy kills. All together, this loadout makes for a medium to long range specialist that can adapt to changing circumstances by switching to a close quarters weapon at will. A skilled operator should have no trouble succeeding with this build.