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Where To Find Weapon Lockers In Warzone 2.0

There is no shortage of great loot to be found in "Call of Duty Warzone 2.0." From cash to armor and weapons, there's always a reason to scour the Al Mazhra map. And anyone that has spent any amount of time running, gunning, and looting around the massive area will know that there's more than one place to find gear. Players can loot up via cash registers, lockers, duffle bags, and other stashes. However, not all types of loot stashes provide the same quality rewards. Some types of caches can hold legendary items, like a Building 21 Keycard, which gives players access to the limited-time-only Building 21 deployment and map, but others can lead to junk or even nothing.


Weapon Lockers are among the best loot caches in the game, offering up high-tier weapons and attachments. However, these caches can be hard to find as they don't appear anywhere on the map like other caches. Instead, players can only access Weapon Lockers inside a special event. Once the event area is accessed, players should look for these sizeable olive-colored Weapon Lockers if they are looking for quality loot. Here's how to find Weapon Lockers in the Battle Royale and DMZ mode in "Warzone 2.0."

Certain Strongholds will strike gold

Players can sometimes find Weapon Lockers in Strongholds. Strongholds are AI-controlled locations that house high-quality loot, only accessible to those with the guts to take on the horde of enemies guarding its treasure. However, Strongholds function differently in the two modes, Battle Royale and DMZ, so different strategies will need to be employed.


In Battle Royale, once the first circle closes in, three Stronghold events will begin at random locations across the map. But players can't just waltz in and grab what they want during these events. Instead, players must be prepared to take on hordes of AI enemies guarding the Stronghold and disarm the Stronghold's bomb (per Dotesports). And because the Stronghold locations are marked on every player's map, there's a high chance other players will also be heading for the Stronghold for some loot for themselves.

In DMZ, however, things are different. To enter a Stronghold, players will need to snag a Stronghold Key to gain access. Players can obtain these Keys in two ways: by picking them up from dead Stronghold guards or purchasing them via a Buy Station (per game8). And, of course, players can also get lucky and kill a player with a key already and snag the card for themselves.


With this knowledge in tow, players should be able to secure the powerful weapons or precious supplies they need much more efficiently.