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Here's How To Spot Fake N64 Cartridges

The retro gaming market is booming, and people are interested in older consoles for a variety of reasons. Games and consoles are being sold at record highs despite their age, like the rarest N64 console that cost a staggering $8,000. Because of the high prices, many people want to know that they're getting what they paid for, whether it's the bizarre glove controller or one of the best N64 games of all time. Knowing how to spot a fake N64 game cartridge is essential if you're looking through shops and garage sales to get a deal.


Unfortunately, fake game cartridges do exist, so it's important to know how to spot them. Luckily, N64 cartridges are pretty easy to verify if you know the signs. If you're looking to drop big bucks on a vintage game, there are more in-depth ways to double-check that the game is actually from Nintendo and not a reskinned, fake game.

The rules of cartridges

There are some general rules about most N64 games that will keep you safe from most fake games. According to Reddit user u/Carl_Sammons, an easy way to spot a fake cartridge is by checking the label. If it's off-centered or shiny and new, it's probably a fake. The same Reddit user explained that another easy thing to look at is the Nintendo logo on the back sticker. It should have a square as the dot on the "I" in Nintendo, a detail many fake cartridges skip over.


YouTuber Sill-Luv-Nes reviewed some things to look at on the motherboard of N64 cartridges to see if they're real. As they pointed out, the motherboard will always have Nintendo written on it, whereas fake ones generally have no writing. There will also always be what's called an MX chip, which is also labeled. Keep in mind that you may only want to open a cartridge if you're looking for a rare or expensive game that's not graded.