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What's The Best Grass Type In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

There are plenty of powerful Pokémon in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet," especially when you look at Grass types. However, if you want to be the very best like no one ever was, then you'll want to get the strongest Pokémon on your side.

Trying to determine the best Grass type Pokémon can be difficult because there are a variety of factors at play. Base stats, move sets, potential abilities, and even the rest of the team are all different things to think about and cause people to rank Pokémon differently. Plus, personal preference for certain designs can also sway players one way or another. There are also different ways to play "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" -– what's good on a solid team versus what's good in competitive play is going to be different.

All of that considered, this Pokémon is the best grass type in a variety of situations, based on its overall stats and move pool. Best of all, it's also available from the very start of the game.

Meowscarada, the best Grass Pokémon for most situations

In most situations, the popular Pokémon Meowscarada is going to be the best Grass type that players can use. It's available from early on in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" as Sprigatito, the Grass starter. According to Game8's stat comparison of all grass types, it's also one of the highest stat Grass Pokémon in the game. Its signature move Flower Trick, which never misses and always crits, combined with its incredibly high-Speed stat make it an incredible glass cannon to add to a team.

Players can cover Meowscarada's defense weakness with a Focus Slash, which makes it so that Meowascarada will survive one-hit KO's. This ensures that Flower Trick will hit at least two turns, dealing out enough damage to take out most enemies.

There are several other noteworthy Grass Pokémon, such as the legendary Wo-Chien, Amoongus (and its Paradox form Brute Bonnet), and Arboliva.