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The Best Zabu Decks In Marvel Snap

Since officially launching in October, "Marvel Snap" has earned positive reviews and developed a solid fanbase. The deck-building battle game brings iconic and lesser-known characters from across the Marvel universe and allows players to assemble their own unique teams to bring into combat. Along with an extensive initial lineup of cards to unlock and use, the game continues to receive regular expansions with monthly, themed seasons. In the past, "Spider-Man" characters, Wakanda characters, and cosmic characters have been highlighted and introduced to the game. Now, the new year is kicking off with a trip to the Savage Lands.


Among the new cards related to this prehistoric nature preserve is Zabu, the sabretooth tiger. Zabu comes with a cost of three, a power of two, and, most importantly, an Ongoing effect that reduces the cost of 4-Cost cards by two. Zabu is awarded to all players participating in this season's ladder (per Dexerto), so he'll be in every active player's collection.

Given his immediate availability and excellent effect, many players will want to build new decks around this big cat. For those that do, here are a few great decks to choose from.

Zabu Sera deck

ShackNews proposes a deck built around Zabu and Sera to combine their cost-reducing effects. Using Sera to keep opponents off balance has already been established as one of the best strategies in the game and adding Zabu into the deck enhances it.


With Sera reducing the cost of cards by one, combining her with Zabu means 4-cost cards can be played for just one energy. With a bit of luck, players can have both Sera and Zabu out by the middle rounds of the match and use their combined effects to overwhelm an opponent during the end game. Apart from Sera and Zabu, this deck should include lots of 4-cost cards to ensure that players can follow through with the strategy and play as many cards as possible at the end of the match.

This is definitely a deck for a patient player, as it requires waiting until the end to fully exploit its potential. Those that can pull it off, however, should enjoy the thrill of catching an opponent by surprise and snatching victory in the final moments.


Moon Girl, Adam Warlock, and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur aren't just the subjects of an upcoming animated series from Disney. They're also a team that pairs with Zabu to make an excellent deck in "Marvel Snap." Developed by Inverse, this deck relies on Devil Dinosaur's effect, which increases its power for every card in the player's hand, and Moon Girl, who will duplicate a player's hand when played. Add on Zabu, who will reduce the cost of playing Moon Girl, and this is a recipe for success.


Inverse also recommends adding Adam Warlock into the mix for his ability to get more cards into a player's hand, further increasing Devil Dinosaur's power. Apart from that, use the best 4-cost cards one has available to maximize Zabu's usefulness and round out the deck.

For fans of Moon Girl and her dino friend or anyone that likes to destroy an opponent with overwhelming power, this is a Zabu deck to try.

Magik Zabu deck

The final deck, from Forbes, is for those who want to use Zabu to simply play as many cards as possible. This deck incorporates as many 4-cost cards as possible along with Magik, whose effect will add a seventh round to the match, giving a player one more chance to play cards.


This deck and the strategy it's built around may be much less complex than the others, but it should still prove quite effective. Further, it's a good option for those that are new to the game or looking to become familiar with Zabu decks. While some may want to graduate from this deck to a more complicated one, this pick is still an entirely valid choice that allows Zabu to shine. This deck also offers the most flexibility since, apart from Magik, players can include any 4-cost cards they happen to have and like to use.

These Zabu decks should serve players well and allow a victorious introduction to the Savage Lands.