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Marvel Snap Is Working To Fix Its Most Hated Card

"Marvel Snap," The Game Awards' 2022 winner of Best Mobile Game of the Year, has some incredibly powerful cards. Thankfully for players, upgrading Collection Level in the game grants access to all in-game cards, so players have a fair chance to use the get what they want once they've played enough. However, when specific cards become too busted, they are seen fairly often since players can easily get them. Unfortunately, this is the case with the game's most hated card, according to Twitch streamer CozyGam3r. But thankfully, developers are working on a solution.

Throughout December 2022, CozyGam3r polled over 45 thousand players and asked what their most hated card in "Marvel Snap" was. The results showed that Leader came on top with over 60% of the votes. Leader is a six-cost card with four power with an On Reveal ability that copies any card the opponent plays. Essentially, any card that could tip the game's balance can be copied and redeployed against foes.

This can be incredibly frustrating for players. Some claim the card's effect "punishes creativity" because no matter how much thought players put into an end-game play, Leader copies it and gets four additional power wherever played.

Recently, Chief Development Officer Ben Brode spoke about how developers plan to solve the problem.

A power reduction with more to come

The developers of "Marvel Snap" have previously shown that they're listening to players. Before the game was released, one card change was implemented to fix problems for testers, and now, Ben Brode explained that they're still listening to players in regards to Leader. The card's power will be reduced while the team looks for another way to change the card in the future.

Brode expanded on this news, saying that there will be another change made; the team just isn't sure exactly how to change the card quite yet. The reduced power is a quick fix while an investigation continues on the best way to change Leader long-term.

Players had plenty of ideas for long-term changes that could nerf Leader without completely taking away his identity. For example, Twitter user ciirte commented that making it a five-cost card with two or three power and altering it to prevent use on turn six would be ideal. This would make it so that players have time to react to Leader after it's played. Another user, Avocado_gil, had another idea to change Leader's ability to only affect the lane the card is played in instead of all three.

While fans have come up with some interesting take on fixes for the card, ultimately, players will have to wait and see what "Marvel Snap" has in store for Leader.