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Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Can Add Shadow Banning To Its List Of Game-Ruining Glitches

Although "Warzone 2.0" is one of the most popular competitive games, it has its fair share of issues. And "Call of Duty" personalities such as Dr Disrespect have been very vocal about the game's shortcomings. Unfortunately, those who can look past the game's glitches and enjoy the content for what it is still can't escape one major problem.


Gamers frequently criticize "Warzone 2.0" for having a poor anti-cheat system that does little to keep cheaters out. Although developers implemented a new anti-cheat with "Warzone 2.0," many say it's not enough. And even when the anti-cheat does ban a player, it can sometimes be unjust.

For example, big-time "Call of Duty" content creator Nadeshot recently received an automated email on stream to inform him he was shadow banned. And he wasn't the only one. Gamers have flooded social media with claims that they were unjustly shadow banned. For the uninitiated, shadow banning a player takes them out of the regular player pool and instead forces them into a lobby with other shadow banned players. Although, there's hardly anything secretibe about it when the user receives an email about their account being under review.


Previously, it was mystery as to why so many players were being unjustly shadow banned, but now there may finally be an answer.

Mass reports may get a player banned

On January 5, a video uploaded by pubgisDEAD to the "Warzone" subreddit uncovered what looks to be a serious issue with the game. In the video, the player is seen spam reporting a suspected cheater and urging their friends to do the same. Shortly after the reports were sent, the suspected cheater was disconnected from the match, leaving spectators to believe he was banned. However, it's unclear if the player was permanently banned or shadow banned from the game. But if mass reporting results in an automatic shadow ban, it could explain what happened to Nadeshot.


Many comments urged the uploader to delete the post, believing players could use this knowledge to abuse the report system. At the same time, others took the opportunity to trash the Ricochet anti-cheat system that allows these automated shadow bans to happen. Others argued that it should only be possible to report the same person once.

There has yet to be any word from "Warzone 2.0" developers about whether the system is working as intended or if it requires a fix. But by the look of the comment section, developers may need to act fast to fix the issue, as many have been affected by it.