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Modern Warfare 2: What's The Safe Code For Diego's Apartment?

During the campaign in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," players will eventually reach a level called "El Sin Nombre" that will involve capturing a leader of the Las Almas drug cartel of the same name. In "El Sin Nombre," players can earn the "Ghost in Training" achievement, given to any player capable of completing the mission without detection. But the mission also contains a safe that belongs to Diego Salgado, a high-ranking member of Las Almas who is encountered earlier in the mission.

To be clear, unlocking Diego's safe isn't necessary to complete the "El Sin Nombre" mission. And all things considered, the safe will be out of the way of the mission's primary objective. However, opening the safe is integral to unlocking the "Gentlemen Thief" achievement, which requires players to open the three safes in "Modern Warfare 2" — the other two safes can be found in the mission "Alone." So, what is the code to Diego's safe, and how can players find it?

A picture is worth a six-digit code

The code for Diego's safe is 02-02-19. It can be found in a covered-up picture on a wall near the bathroom, in the room containing the safe. As seen in YouTuber Fuzzy Bearbarian's walkthrough of the "El Sin Nombre" mission, reaching the safe is relatively straightforward but will require a bit of effort. First, after being set free by Alejandro, go straight down the hall and immediately turn right into what looks like a lounge area. Then, continue left through the gate and climb to the balcony at the far end.

Once inside, go up the stairs and enter the first room to the left. Inside the room will be a guard — dispose of them quietly. If players want to get through without harming anyone, use the bottle near the stairs as a distraction, then head left to the balcony. After either eliminating or avoiding the guard, enter Diego's room. If the guard was killed, go straight down the hall and enter the first room on the left. If players go through the balcony, turn right, and the door will be on the left.

Once you've entered Diego's room, the safe will be located near his bed. Enter the code provided below and enjoy its contents which include Plate Carrier armor and a silenced Lockwood 300 shotgun.