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We Finally Know Who Valkyrae Voices In The New Sonic Netflix Series

Internet celebrities popping up in television shows and movies has become something of a normal occurrence in recent years. For example, streaming megastar Ninja appeared in the major Hollywood movie "Free Guy." But there are more than live-action roles available to streaming giants. Voice acting is another acting gig many internet celebrities have explored. Streamers with unique and recognizable voices, such as Corpse Husband, have lent their voice to animation. And audiences can find streamer Lilypichu's voice in the massively popular MMO "Genshin Impact."

Recently, Valkyrae joined the list of internet celebrities to dabble in voice actors after she landed a role in the animated "Sonic Prime" series. And with almost four million subscribers on YouTube, she is bound to push more traffic toward the show. There has been speculation for some time now that Valkyrae voiced a character in the Netflix series Sonic Prime alongside a familiar Sonic voice, but which character she played was never confirmed. But now, fans finally know which character Valkyrae plays in the Sonic animated series.

Valkyrae voices Squad Commander Red

Recently on Twitter, Valkyrae formally announced that she voices the cute purple bazooka toting Squad Commander Red in "Sonic Prime." She also reminded her followers that "the show is out now on Netflix." Additionally, she posted a behind-the-scenes shot of her in the voice recording studio alongside a screenshot of the character she voiced.

Her replies were full of supportive fans, with some even hoping this would open up opportunities for her to show up in other forms of media, such as Riot's "Valorant," a game she frequently streams on YouTube — to which she replied with great interest. Additionally, the streaming star got even more praise from those that have watched the show. Viewers were stunned at how much her character's voice differed from her normal voice. And even Jacksepticeye wrote, "You did so well. Didnt even recognise you until I saw the credits. So good!" Although some argue that her voice was changed and toned down to sound more like Valkyrae post-launch.

Still, according to social media users, those who want to hear Valkyrae voice a Sonic character can find her at the beginning of episode 6. Fans of Valkyrae, or Sonic in general, can find all eight episodes of "Sonic Prime" on Netflix. It may just be worth marathoning, as reviews for the series have been mostly positive (per IGN).