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Corpse Husband Reveals The 'Most Embarrassing Thing' He's Ever Done

Corpse Husband has a long list of accomplishments, including his career in music and scary stories. In fact, his hit single, "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!," recently broke 200 million plays on Spotify. He doesn't even need to show his face for fans to love him. However, none of that stops him from experiencing embarrassing moments like the rest of us. One of the most embarrassing moments in recent memory just popped up earlier this year during a voice recording session for his first television voice acting gig. 

For context, Corpse recently landed a role as a villain in the English dub for "Tribe Nine," a collaboration between the creators of "Danganronpa," Akatsuki Studios, and Funimation. Fans went wild over this TV reveal, especially with how well his deep, breathy voice matched his character. Really, Ojiro even kind of matches Corpse Husband's avatar with his toothy facemask. Corpse tweeted that he "couldn't have asked for a better first role." However, he admitted that voice acting wasn't as glamorous as fans might think. 

Corpse was playing "Valorant" with friends, including Valkyrae and Sykkuno, when Rae brought up that he was now a "professional voice actor." In response, Corpse confessed up that "making anime noises" was one of the most embarrassing things he'd ever done.

Anime was a mistake (but not really)

Gaming fans, especially those who have played Japanese games and spent lots of time on the internet, probably know about "anime noises" from the many people who dunk on them. These sound effects, like the seemingly unnecessary grunts, sometimes bother those who aren't used to them. 

Corpse is familiar with anime on some level, but hearing anime noises and making anime noises are two completely different experiences. "Making anime noises has to be one of the most embarrassing things I've ever done," he said. "You have like, a director there, all your audio is being routed to the studio, and they have to listen to you making noises in silence. It's bad."

It didn't help that it was his first voice acting experience, so he wasn't used to the awkward silence as the director observed these embarrassing noises to critique them. Many voice actors, like ProZD, have explained that voice recording sessions are mostly about getting work done without as much casual conversation as one might believe. Even heinous lines, unhinged laughter, and lewd sighs should be done in silence with coaching as needed from the director.

Despite the anime noises, Corpse still seemed very thankful for the role. Who knows, the role could even be the beginning of a beautiful voiceover career.