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Cyberpunk 2077: How To Beat Sasquatch

"Cyberpunk 2077" has undoubtedly had its ups and downs after a rough launch in 2020. Despite its buggy and disappointing release, the game has seen a revival among players thanks to CDPR's promised commitment to improving the experience and a Netflix adaptation that renewed interest in the franchise. Many fans are jumping back into Night City, rushing to finish the story, and exploring every nook and cranny before new content drops. But some challenging quests and foes stand in the way of those in a hurry to finish. High on this list is the intimidating Sasquatch.


Sasquatch serves as the leader of the Animals gang, and she certainly lives up to her name. Massive and intimidating, she wields a sledgehammer in battle that can do serious damage if V isn't careful. Dealing with Sasquatch is a part of the "I walk the Line" quest and is a Main Job on the road to completing the story.

While not a fight to rush into, players will need to take her on eventually, and when they decide to, they'll need everything at their disposal to finish her off. However, for those that like to be as prepared as possible and those that may be having trouble, there are plenty of tips and tricks to survive this encounter.

Finding Sasquatch

Before V can beat Sasquatch, they need to reach her, which won't be easy. She can be found guarding the entrance to the movie theater in the mall towards the end of the "I walk the Line" quest, which is unlocked after completing "M'ap Tann Pèlen." This quest will open up automatically as the player advances the main plot. While this quest chain can be pursued relatively early in the game, players should consider holding off for a while, doing other quests and side activities to level up. These quests, particularly the Sasquatch fight, are quite challenging and require a well-leveled character.


When V eventually does pursue this series of quests, following up on leads with the Voodoo Boys will inevitably lead to a confrontation with the Animals and their leader. So before entering the mall, players should ensure they're ready for some challenging combat and loaded with the weapons and supplies they'll need. They should also be prepared to fight or sneak past several waves of Animals before reaching the theater and Sasquatch.

Defeating Sasquatch

How someone beats Sasquatch will depend, in part, on what sort of build they have been pursuing with V. If they've invested in a bit of stealth and hacking, Screen Rant recommends opening the fight with a sneaky hack to shut down the purple crystal on Sasquatch's back. This crystal heals her in combat, so taking it out will make the coming fight much more manageable. If they lack the needed skills, gamers can shoot the crystal as a good backup option, and it should take no more than four hits to destroy it (per Vulkk).


Once the crystal has been disabled, the fight will genuinely be underway. Gamepur notes that Sasquatch is vulnerable to fire (as revealed by scanning her), so taking some weapons that deal that type of damage will be invaluable. Screen Rant recommends countering her melee fighting style with ranged weapons, dodging her deadly but slow attacks while shooting her from a safe distance. It's also worth noting that headshots will do significant bonus damage (per Vulkk), so accurate weapons and a steady hand will be assets here.

Once in the rhythm of dodging and shooting, players should find this fight much more accessible. Don't let Sasquatch corner you and keep dealing out damage until she goes down.


Skipping the fight is an option

As Gamepressure demonstrates, another option is to avoid this tough fight entirely using stealth. If players avoided making too much noise or drawing her attention on the way to the theater entrance, V could sneak past Sasquatch and leave her none the wiser. Some well-timed hacks on nearby screens or other tricks will serve a player well here, along with previous investments in stealth skills and gear. Once V makes it into the theater, they can move forward with their mission, and they'll be clear of Sasquatch and her hammer.


Gamepressure recommends not going this route if players can handle the fight as sneaking by means giving up on valuable loot and XP. However, stealth is a perfectly valid option for those who can't stand up to Sasquatch's attacks or are going for a pacifist run.

Whether by stealth or violence, getting past Sasquatch will bring V one step closer to unraveling a conspiracy and saving themselves from the chip that's destroying their brain.