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How To Turn On Contextual Tap In Warzone 2.0

Aside from fine-tuning controller sensitivity and mapping buttons, there are a few other settings players should look at to up their game in "Warzone 2.0." For example, there is a setting that many believe turns off the heavily controversial skill-based matchmaking. One of the most popular settings to adjust in the first "Warzone" was Contextual Tap. Because the reload button (X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation) is the same as the interact button, players, by default, have to hold down to the button to interact with doors and objects on the map. As a result, this can lose players seconds of precious time on the battlefield.

Contextual Tap instead interprets if the player wants to reload or interact, allowing them to press the button and quickly interact. As a result, looting and moving around the map can be done much faster. But when players go to turn the Contextual Tap on in "Warzone 2," they won't find it in the options. Instead, they will need to look elsewhere to turn this useful setting on in "Warzone 2."

Contextual Tap has been renamed for Warzone 2.0

Players won't find Contextual Tap in "Warzone 2.0." That's because the setting was renamed to Interact/Reload Behavior. To turn this on, players need to open up the Settings menu and then select the controller icon at the left side of the screen to open up the controls menu. Then, scroll down under Gameplay to the Interact/Reload Behavior setting between Weapon Mount Activation and Armor Plate Behavior. From there, players can select the best option for them. But players should keep in mind this does not affect keyboard and mouse players — only those using a controller.

There are four different functions players can set Interact/Reload Behavior to. The first is the default setting, Tap To Reload, with players tapping the button for reload and holding it down to interact. Then there is Tap To Interact, which is the opposite, forcing players to tap for interaction and hold the button for reload.

The final two options are a bit different. The first of the two, Prioritize Interact, makes it so that if the player needs a reload and is in front of an interact prompt, the game will prioritize the interact action. And the final option is the opposite, where, in the same situation, the game will prioritize reloading when tapping the button. Although adjusting this setting can help make the "Warzone 2.0" looking process faster, streamers like Dr. Disrespect still believe there is a big problem with the game's looting system.