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One Piece Odyssey: Why You'll Probably Want To Use Auto Battle And Speed Up

Early reviews for "One Piece Odyssey" all said the same thing -– it's a masterpiece for "One Piece" fans, and part of the reason for that is the impressive combat system. It's intricate enough to be fun but not too challenging, and it pushed the boundaries of the genre according to some critics. Despite this, there may be some moments where players want to utilize the auto-battle feature and the speed-up feature built into the game.


YouTuber NottheWinner Gaming explained that some players may want to experience the game more casually while enjoying the story, and Auto Battle is the perfect way to do just that. For players who just want to speed combat up, the Speed Up option is a great way to get the damage from choosing the correct moves and the speed that comes with Auto Battle. Auto battling and speeding things up can also cut down on the length of "One Piece Odyssey," which has an impressive runtime of around 30 hours.

NottheWinner Gaming did point out that there's a huge advantage in boss fights when it comes to using the correct moves for weaknesses, so it's important to know how to turn the features on and off.

How to use Auto Battle and Speed Up

YouTuber Dainghia25 uploaded a detailed tutorial on how to turn on both Auto Battle, which is available in the middle of battle. The first step is to go to the Tactics menu. From there, there's an option to Switch Battle Mode. Then, just choose Auto Battle to automatically start the auto-battling feature.


NottheWinner Gaming showed how to turn on Speed Up, which is also available while in combat. It's even easier than Auto Battle –- at any point, check the bottom right area of the screen to see what button to hit to Speed Up. This will be the Right Trigger button for controllers and "c" for keyboard players.

The good news is that these mechanics can be turned on and off whenever the player wants, so gamers can choose what they want based on whether or not they want to think about combat.