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WoW: How To Get The Diablo 4 Amalgam Of Rage Mount

With the release of "Diablo 4" looming on the horizon, Blizzard is ramping up marketing and is now offering a mount based on a monster that will appear in the upcoming game to "World of Warcraft" players as a crossover promotional item. While it won't have the new flying mechanics introduced in the "Dragonflight" expansion (per Wowhead), the Amalgam of Rage mount sports fiery wings and a special summon animation in addition to its multi-headed werewolf aesthetic. It could be an excellent addition to any "WoW" player's mount collection — if they have the money to shell out for it.

It seems Activision Blizzard is continuing its trend of "Diablo 4" promotional incentives with a huge catch. The Amalgam of Rage mount is only offered to players who purchase "Diablo 4" (via Battle.net). Thankfully, it's part of the Standard Edition bundle, so players won't be forced into an expensive Deluxe or Ultimate Edition if those bonuses aren't tempting. But, of course, that's still the full AAA game price of $70.

However, there is technically a way to get this mount without spending any real money — if players are already loaded in "World of Warcraft."

Open the World of Warcraft bank vaults

The technicality of this workaround lies in the fact that players don't always have to spend real money to purchase products from the Battle.net site. If players have enough gold in "World of Warcraft," they may be able to circumvent spending real money on a copy of "Diablo 4" — something that might be incredibly tempting to those who only want the Amalgam of Rage mount.

The root of this curiosity lies with WoW Tokens, a premium in-game item that can be bought for $20 from Blizzard's real-money Shop, then auctioned off to other players for in-game gold. If one purchases a token in-game, they can redeem it for more subscription time or convert it into a $15 balance on Battle.net. If players are rich enough to win five or six (depending on tax) WoW Tokens from the Auction House, they could purchase "Diablo 4" with the trade-in from the tokens.

Due to the nature of the Auction House, a live market board populated by other players selling goods, there's no guarantee that a timely purchase will be possible. Moreover, there might not even be any players in a given realm selling tokens. Still, it's a loophole worth exploring for fans who are insistent on getting the Amalgam of Rage mount and have no interest in "Diablo 4."