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The Rarest Banner In Fortnite

"Fortnite" may be one of the most iconic battle royale titles on the market, but there's more to it than just the battle royale feature. Between cosmetics, emotes, dances, and other player customization options, the game can feel like a collector's dream. While some players focus on getting the coolest skins around, like Starfire from "Teen Titans" or the "Goat Simulator 3" skin, others focus on a less-popular collectible: Banners.


Banners are icons that are displayed during matchmaking and on Banner Brigades in the game. They're not very large, but there are some banners that are worth a ton of money because they're impossible to get in the current game. Whether it's from special game modes, collaborations with groups in the past, or just older battle passes, there are plenty of rare banners that are a treat to see in a match.

While some debate over the rarest banners in the game, there's one that is almost guaranteed to be the rarest overall.

The Alpha Banner

The evolution of "Fortnite" happened just how it needed to, and there are some players who have been around to see it all transpire. A select few have been playing the game since the earliest days possible, and the Alpha Tester banner is one way to spot such players. The banner features a triangle with a lightning bolt down the middle, and it can be upgraded 10 times. According to many players, the renditions of this banner are considered the rarest ones in "Fortnite."


Part of this is because the game wasn't a guaranteed success –- Epic Games hadn't developed a game that saw anywhere near the success that "Fortnite" did, and the battle royale genre hadn't taken off yet. While the title became popular pretty quickly, there weren't millions of people playing in the alpha and investing time in a title from what was a less-renowned Epic Game.