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Fortnite: How To Get The Teen Titans Starfire Skin

Chapter 3 Season 3 of "Fortnite" is well underway. Appropriately titled "Vibin'," there's no shortage of fresh content included, not to mention chill and positive vibes. Adding to the abundance is a brand new "Teen Titans" Starfire skin. Epic Games announced the addition of the Starfire skin on Sep. 1, 2022, once again reminding "Fortnite" fans that the ultra-popular battle royale game is constantly evolving and expanding. The company wrote that Starfire is "perhaps personifying 'good vibes' the most of the Teen Titans," tying her addition into the "Vibin'" theme of Chapter 3 Season 3."


Starfire isn't the only change that's come to "Fortnite" as of late, and more are surely on the way given the game's trajectory. There are currently rumors that a Lady Gaga emote may be on the horizon, and on top of that, this year's most viral dance is confirmed to be on the way to the game. Another big transformation is the possible addition of a first-person perspective.

All in all, there are so many changes in "Fortnite," it's easy to miss things. So, with the Starfire skin just announced amongst all the other news circulating around "Fortnite," players should act now to get access to this exciting new design – here's how.

Buy the Teen Titans Starfire skin

There's no big secret to unlocking the "Teen Titans" Starfire skin in "Fortnite." All players have to do to play as Starfire is buy her skin in the item shop. That being said, it's advised that those eager to get Starfire do so in a timely manner. For The Win posits that the skin will likely last around a week or two in the store, as that's been the precedent thus far.


In addition to the Starfire skin itself, there are other accessories players can add on. Right now, the full Starfire package is on sale for 1,800 V-Bucks instead of the standard 2,600 (via GameRant). At the sale price point, 1,800 V-Bucks boils down to around $18. Some items are also available individually, though a few are just included with the bundle.

The Starfire skin itself sells for 1,500 V-Bucks, and it includes an optional animation to make her hair glow. The Syl'hee back bling brings Starfire's favorite little larva creature from "Teen Titans Go" on the battlefield with her – a must-have for big fans that's only available with the bundle. The Starfire Flies loading screen is also a bundle-only item, featuring a radiant night sky design and of course, fireflies. The Starbolt pickaxe retails for 800 V-Bucks, while the flourish emote is just 300. With the sale running, the bundle feels like the clear choice. Regardless of what components they choose to buy, "Teen Titans" fans are sure to enjoy bringing Starfire to the world of "Fortnite."