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Is One Piece Odyssey Canon?

Those that are invested in the long-spanning "One Piece" universe may be interested in not only knowing if "One Piece Odyssey" lives up to the praise from early reviews, but just how the events of the game will affect the Straw Hat Pirates in their anime and manga adventures. After all, the game's official website points out that the game was produced with contributions from "One Piece" author Eiichiro Oda. 

As the website says, Oda assisted not only with character and monster designs, but even played a part in directing the game's main plot. In that case, the game must have some influence on the franchise's canon, right? Well, not exactly. The "One Piece Odyssey" website also points out that the game will focus on "reliving" specific story arcs from the long-spanning "One Piece" franchise — and little else. Thankfully, an interview with the game's producer has given fans a definitive answer as to the canonical nature of the game.

One Piece Odyssey isn't part of One Piece canon

As reported by Ungeek, a panel interview with "One Piece Odyssey" producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki shed some light on whether the game truly adds to the preexisting storyline of "One Piece." In Tsuzuki's words, "Regarding canonicity, it is not part of the story. However, it fits within the story of 'One Piece' itself so fans will not be confused regarding the continuity." While this may seem strange given Eiichiro Oda's direct involvement in creating the game, the story does have a specific grounding in the canon of "One Piece," providing additional information about events that have already occurred in the anime.

While "One Piece Odyssey" may not contribute anything to the established canon of the franchise, it does mean more for longtime fans due to the fact that the game's story does technically take place after a certain point within the official "One Piece" timeline. According to the game's website, the events of "One Piece Odyssey" transpire as the Straw Hat Pirates are sailing upon the Grand Line. Additionally, key events from the series' past are referenced via flashback at various points of the game.

There may be slight changes here or there, but, as the game's website puts it, "By playing 'One Piece Odyssey,' you will relive some epic arcs of [the] 'One Piece' saga." Again, this is definitely a game especially suited for established fans, as playing through condensed versions of these preexisting story arcs may not mean as much to newcomers.